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Bodog is both a newcomer and an old hand in sports betting. The reason for the temporary withdrawal from the sports betting area was the introduction of the betting tax in 2012.

Bodog Poker conquista el mercado asiático trabajando con 8 países

Shortly before the EM2016, Bodog went online again and it has been extremely active since then. Above all, the great promotions and bonus campaigns inspire. We tested the gaming giant and packed our Bodog experiences into this review.

Bonuses and offers

New customers start with Bodogwith a 100% match bonus of up to 100 euros. The minimum deposit amount is prescribed in the terms and conditions ten euros. The premium amount is immediately available for betting after the deposit.

Three times own money rollover sufficient

Three times the start-up capital is enough to convert the bonus into real money. When playing free spins, the minimum odds of 1.9 must be observed. The rollover requirement must be met within 90 days, otherwise the bonus will be automatically deleted. The provider does not specify any restrictions regarding the type of bet. This means that combination bets and other special formats also qualify, provided the minimum odds are 1.9.

There are no known restrictions regarding the betting markets, although of course risk-free tips on all starting probabilities of an encounter are not considered to be bonus-relevant. The betting bonus only applies to the sports betting sector. New customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are eligible for the bonus.

Existing players “still” outside

Existing customers are still somewhat neglected by Bodog. Special promotions or even reload bonuses are very, very rare. Every now and then the bookie tries to inspire his regular players with sweepstakes, but the possible prizes do not really result in cheers.

Betting offer

The betting offer from Bodog(here you can go directly to the Bodogguide ) appeals primarily to Central European customers. The bookmaker has tailored its offers specifically to the local area. In total, users can choose from around 20 sports and between 15,000 and 18,000 individual bets per day.

The mainstream dominates the picture

The main sports, especially the king football, set the tone for the betting provider. The fans of the round leather get their money’s worth at Bodog. In addition to the international top leagues, which are standard, the Bookie goes very far. The German and Austrian regional and upper leagues in particular have an above-average presence. Tennis, basketball and ice hockey follow behind football in the sports ranking.

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The betting opportunities in ice hockey are particularly noteworthy here. Bodogstill offers one or two additional tip variants for the fast skid cracks. Not to be forgotten are American sports and motorsport, which also occupy a large space in the betting range.

  • Winter sports represented very extensively

The Austrian ancestry is somewhat visible in the area of ​​winter sports. In particular, the betting options on the Alpine disciplines are excellent. Nordic winter sports and biathlon are also not neglected. At this point, the head-to-head bets, in which only two athletes are compared with each other, are particularly positive.

  • Real exotic goods

Betting fans who are looking for real exotics, on the other hand, will hardly find anything at X-Tip. Futsal, bowls and water polo are the “most unusual” sports in the betting program.

  • Average in depth

In the depth of the betting options, Bodogcovers the needs of recreational players. In the most important football leagues, the bookie operates around 60 special bets per encounter. The Bodogthus takes a place in the secured midfield, but is still significantly behind the market leaders. It should be emphasized that long-term bets are given a separate section.

Live betting

The bookmaker focuses on the essentials live. The dominance of football is even greater in real time than in the pre-match area. This way Bodogmeets the customer’s requirements for leisure weather. The diversity of leagues should be emphasized. In addition to the top games from Germany, Spain or England, countless competitions can be entered live worldwide. Even the lower-class Eastern European junior teams are available at Bodogwith real-time quotas. Football fans will definitely not find any flaws in the bookmaker’s live center. Furthermore, the “ice hockey strength” can also be seen live. The tennis fans, however, are not fully served at every point. At Bodogthere are no sub-class tournaments in real time. Basketball and handball still play an attractive role live. The offer is rounded off by some baseball and American football matches. All other disciplines play no role live at bookmakers.

According to our Bodogexperience, the single view of the games in the live center is a bit unfortunate. Since the rest of the matches are postponed, the customer can lose track here and there. In addition, the betting provider Bodogdoes not offer a cash-out function . This is a shame because the cash-out function is becoming increasingly popular. For all events where there is no livestream, you can use the internal livescore on the website, which the bookmaker has hidden a little, but which is still good. The ticker can be opened under the menu item “Statistics” and then with the button “live”.

Anonymized Tables

The heart of the recreational player model at Bodog Poker lies in anonymous gameplay. No user is identified by any name other than a randomly generated player number. Not only is it impossible to track your adversaries over long periods of time, but you can’t write saved notes on them either. There are a couple of HUD tracking software programs that work with Bodog, but they only allow you to monitor your opponents over the course of a single table session vastly reducing the utility of these types of tools.

Anonymous Table at Bodog Poker

In the two most popular forms of cash game poker, No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha, stakes run from $0.02/$0.05 to $10/$20. There are also LHE tables denominated from $0.05/$0.10 to $30/$60. You can only join a maximum of four ring game tables at a time.

Bodog's Quick Seat Interface

In April 2017, Bodog introduced a Quick Seat feature that makes table selection impossible. The way it works is that players select the game format, table size, and stakes they wish to play, and then the software places them in a seat at an appropriate game. The consequences of this change have been that the most demanded games tend to fill up more rapidly than before, but thinly played variants, like the limit tables, have seen a drop in traffic.

Zone Poker

Zone is Bodog’s take on fast-fold poker, a style first made popular by Full Tilt’s RUSH Poker quite a few years ago. In Zone, nobody has to wait for hands to complete after he or she folds; instead, anyone who mucks a hand is brought right away to a new table to begin another round. The elimination of much of the downtime traditionally inherent in poker leads to a blazing-fast pace and ensures that you’ll see many more hands per hour in Zone than at a standard ring table.

Bodog's Zone Poker Lobby

Because there are no static tables in Zone, players instead join pools. You can see how many players are in each pool in the lobby although all population figures of 50 or more are indicated as “50+.” It’s not uncommon, particularly during peak hours, to see multiple blind levels sporting 50+ participants at once. Although the greatest number of players can be found in NLHE Zone, PLO runs too, and there are a couple of PLO/8 stakes supported as well. Player volume in four-card Zone is lighter than in Hold’em.

Sit and Goes

The buyins for SNG poker extend from $1 + $0.05 up through $200 + $14. Regular, turbo, and hyper turbo speeds are present, and table sizes include heads-up, six-max, and nine-player. There are also 27-man multi-table sit-n-goes. The majority of contests are for NLHE, but there are PLO and PLO/8 games listed up to $100 + $9. Bodog offers Double-Ups, which are similar to the Double or Nothings you may encounter at other sites, as well as Triple-Ups, which pay out three buyins apiece to the top third of the participants. Most of the Double-Ups charge half rake compared to similarly priced competitions, but this isn’t the case with Triple-Ups except at the higher buyin levels. Beginner matches have a flatter payout structure than the other games, allowing more people to get paid.

You can’t view sit-n-goes that have already started (except, of course, for the ones that you’re in), nor can you even see them in the lobby. Still, as long as you play for micro and small stakes, you should have no trouble getting the amount of action you crave.


Bodog, in past years, ran frequent guaranteed tournaments that overlaid very often. This foresighted decision worked out well as the room now has enough MTT traffic to almost always cover the sums promised. There’s more than $1.5 million in guarantees up for grabs each week, and the largest of them is the $150 + $12 $150,000 Guaranteed on Sunday afternoons. Throughout the rest of the week, you can buy into events priced from $1 + $0.10 to $300 + $25.

Bodog Poker Tournament Lobby

Beyond the regularly scheduled tourneys, Bodog hosts series several times per year. These generally have boosted prize pools and an enhanced roster of events that allows you to play formats that are not commonly spread during the normal course of things. Recurring series at Bodog include the Black Diamond Poker Open and the Golden Spade Poker Open, each of which routinely offer millions of dollars in total prizes to the victors. Whenever these series are about to begin, satellites appear so that cash-strapped individuals can attempt to win their entries for less.

Deposit and withdraw

Bodog has been able to offer PayPal with her for a long time . Even outside the PayPal topic, you can really find all imaginable payment methods and that for pretty much all countries in the world.

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Here you can also see the size of the company. Deposits and withdrawals work quickly without exception! Here again the information from the website, whereby most payments in the test were faster. The old-fashioned user interface has finally been replaced by a modern and super simple design. Now depositing and withdrawing is really child’s play.

Step-by-step instructions for PayPal deposit at Bodog:

To deposit money via PayPal, you only need to have a customer account with Bodog and the payment provider. The following list shows how the individual steps look:

  1. Register with Bodog: The first step is to register with Bodog. If you don’t have a customer account yet, you can register and get the welcome bonus at the same time. PayPal is NOT excluded as a payment provider!
  2. Define deposit amount: Now you just have to choose how high the deposit should be. You will then be forwarded to PayPal by confirming the deposit amount.
  3. Release deposit with PayPal : As soon as you have logged into PayPal, you can release the deposit. The money is transferred directly to the Bodog customer account so that you can place your bet right away!

Bodog handles the payout like many other sports betting providers. It is paid out after an identity check using the method with which the deposit was made . The betting provider wants to take action against possible money laundering .

Mobile App

This is another area where Bodog have done their homework. Mobile betting is easy to use and fast. It’s based on touch screen technology so there is no lengthy scrolling and delays. The mobile site is accessible on android smart phones, iphones, ipads and most tablets. The full range of bets and promotions found on the main site are available on mobile betting. Betting in play is also available.


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