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France v Nigeria: forecast for 30 July 2021

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France will play against Nigeria and it’s appropriate to predict that the nominal hosts will be closer to victory in this encounter.


The French team is the preferred choice in the upcoming encounter. This national team is quite gifted in terms of natural talent, which allows them to have good chances on the rebounding boards. Yes, the opponents are also quite powerful, but for France right now the execution skills are much higher.

France had no problems in qualifying for the Olympics, where they won all their matches. The team also performed well at the recent European Championships where they finished second. However, in the final, they were seen as favourites to win against Serbia. It seems the girls have lost their form in a month. In the first round they faced Japan, who clinched a 74-70 win.


Nominally, the visiting team has not looked very convincing in recent games. However, if you look at recent games, Nigeria have played against some pretty serious opponents. In some cases, a very serious fight was imposed. And, above all, it was possible due to the fact that the Africans are quite powerful. But this is unlikely to be enough now.

Nigeria qualified for the tournament, finishing third in qualifying. It only had to beat Mozambique. Ahead of the current tournament, the team played a number of friendly matches, losing four in a row, including to the USA by more than 30 points. The opponents also met in the first round at the Olympics. Though this time the American team won with more modest difference – 72:81.

Face-to-face meetings

The last time these national teams faced each other was three years ago. It was the World Cup play-offs. France managed to pull off a fairly convincing 84-62 victory. Not much has changed since then. France has quite a lot of powerful and skilled basketball players at the same time. Nigeria’s are just mighty.

Forecast for France v Nigeria

France are likely to hold a pretty big advantage right now. Not only does this team have all the help they need under the basket, but they’re also pretty good at organising their attack. So the French team will probably be able to get quite an important win for themselves. And continue to fight for a play-off place.

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