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Italy vs Nigeria: Forecast for July 31, 2021

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Italy will face Nigeria, and this Olympic basketball match could be very rich in points. So it’s a good bet to make a high-scoring prediction.


The Italian team is playing at a good level right now. There is a very realistic chance of the team playing well offensively at the moment. There is Danilo Gallinari, and there are some other very strong scorers. Even though the Italians lost to Australia, the squad still has a very good chance of making the playoffs.

Against the Nigerians, there are likely to be some pretty big prospects in terms of picking up points. But defensively, against the fairly fast and powerful Africans, it will be difficult for the team. And therefore it is not worth talking about a very good chance of winning. It will be more logical to expect a good attacking performance from the team – it looks more stable than the game as a whole.


The Nigerian team is in a very difficult state at the moment. They need to win, and only then will they have a realistic chance of making the playoffs. First of all, their offense will be the key to their success. On defense, the Nigerians, for all their brilliance in terms of anthropometry, are not very good right now.

There are a lot of players in the national basketball association who can hide the Italians’ defence because of their individual skill. Especially considering that the European squad has positions that are clearly sagging. Therefore, Nigeria should have a pretty good game offensively. As for the defence, they lack experience. And against the Italians, who have scorers, it will be very difficult.

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These national teams have never crossed paths with each other before. At this Olympiad Italy have already played against Australia and Germany. They managed to outplay the Germans, and quite effectively. But with the Australians, there were some serious problems in the second half, which resulted in Italy’s loss. Nigeria played against Germany and Australia as well, and both times they suffered resultant defeats.

Italy vs Nigeria match prediction

The odds distribution is now in favour of the European squad. Many players on the Italian team are able to demonstrate quite competent basketball. And Nigeria will lack that. But at the same time, the Italians will be inferior in terms of speed. Nigeria, on the other hand, will clearly set a high tempo of play, resulting in a lot of shooting. The outcome of these shootouts is difficult to predict.

The outcome of such shootouts is difficult to predict, and there is every likelihood of a fairly productive game. Nigeria have nothing to lose – they need to go forward, score as much as possible and win. The Africans certainly won’t rest until the final minutes. Italy, the more rational team, will exploit Nigeria’s defensive weaknesses.

Therefore, the match may turn out to be a head-to-head affair. Betting on the aggregate total more would be a good decision.

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