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Kamaru Usman vs Rafael Dos Anjos results

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In Las Vegas, the final of the latest The Ultimate Fighter tournament took place. In the main event, Kamaru Usman defeated Rafael Dos Anjos by unanimous decision (50-43, 49-45, 48-47).

Prediction from Rafael Dos Anjos

“I’ve known Gilbert since first grade. I was best friends with his older brother. We were in second grade and Gilbert was in first grade. I’ve known Gilbert for years, himself and his brothers, and he’s a great guy. I like him a lot.

I think he’s very motivated. One thing I can be sure of: he’s motivated. I think because he and Kamaru have trained together a lot in the past, I think he has a great chance. I’ll put my money on Gilbert because I feel like he’s in his time and he feels like he has a chance to get the title, and I’m sure he’ll go all out,” Dos Anjos said.


The fighters met in the center of the octagon, with Usman starting to push and work the number one. After 30 seconds, Usman tried to take the leg, ending up only managing to pin his opponent to the net. Soon the fighters turned around and went back to working in the standup.

Usman had a leg takedown and a touchdown, but dos Anjos was able to get up. In the clinch, Usman threw punches, but did nothing serious. Dos Anjos was coming out of the clinch with an elbow to the head, eventually taking the fighters back to the center of the cage. A trend emerged: Dos Anjos backing away, Dos Anjos passing into the leg and pinning his opponent to the net… With 45 seconds left in the round, Usman took his opponent to the canvas and that’s where the first segment ended.

The second round began much the same way as the first. Usman was aggressive and soon had his opponent pinned against the net, while Camaroo kept pounding away, relentlessly looking for a chance to put dos Anjos on the canvas. After two minutes the rivals were in parterre, the Nigirian continued to control the Brazilian. At one point, Dos Anjos nearly broke Usman’s arm into a kimura, but Camara saved himself. Eventually, with a minute left in the round, the fighters were back on their feet.

The Brazilian was very tired, Usman got close and continued to work his program – holding, occasional punches. Sixteen seconds before the end of the round, the fighters had a small exchange, cuts appeared, bleeding.

Usman was in control near the net, dos Anjos was getting more and more tired, the Niguirian was getting easier and easier to bring his opponent to parterre. That’s how the third round went.

The fourth round saw more and more action on the parterre – dos Anjos’s tiredness allowed Usman to do almost everything he wanted. There was not enough energy and focus to end the fight early.

The fifth five minutes started like all the previous ones.

Summary of the fight

The beginning of the rounds of this fight can be distinguished only by the amount of blood and dos Anjos’s level of fatigue! In the middle of the round the Brazilian tried to suffocate his opponent, but Usman escaped and started beating Dos Anjos. The fight came down to the referee’s decision.

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