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Nigeria v Germany: July 2021

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Nigeria is playing against Germany. The Nigerian basketball team should do much better than Germany.


Nigeria is going into the game with a lot of talent. They have some good players who are from the national basketball association, and they have some natural athletes too.

Nigeria can defend well, and at the same time create some very good chances on offense. Yes, the Nigerians are lacking star players. The opposition against Australia has already reflected that – in a negative way. But Germany is a much easier opponent, against which Nigeria should look much more successful. The team defends well, and can take advantage of their physical superiority.


Nominally, the visiting team has some very good players. Wagner, Bonga and several Top European teams decide what the Germans do in their half of the field. But Germany is not very good. When Germany faces a powerful team, they have big problems.

The European representatives are not as good as the NBA players. They will have trouble in both speed and confidence. Germany will try to act as a team, but Nigeria has many weaknesses against them.


Both teams started off poorly at the Olympics. Nigeria lost 84-67 to Australia. Germany lost 92-82 to Italy. We can expect these teams to fight for third place.

Nigeria vs Germany

The odds are now almost even. The African team has a slight advantage. This is not surprising, since Nigeria in general has more talented players. And Nigeria’s players have also played in the National Basketball Association before, so they are stronger because of this.

Germany will try to play in different ways. Nigeria can take theirs, but they won’t be as good at attack. But Nigeria is good when it comes to defense and reading because of literacy. So, it’s likely that Nigeria will have a comfortable win without a handicap.

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