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Playbet betting site is one of the leading platforms in South Africa. The site is owned by Turfsport, a company in the gaming industry. When you open an account, you should follow these steps and place bets on the selected event. The interface is easy to navigate and features updated results on a regular basis.

Playbet Review

Playbet has been an online bookmaker since 2011 and proudly operates in South Africa with bet shops in Johannesburg, Durban, and Pretoria. The layout of the website is modern and funky with a video game aesthetic. The company’s new website is jarring to first-time visitors because of a loud, large banner that appears as soon as you access the site. The new website is www.Playbet and they have created new betting markets like Live Roulette or Dice in South Africa.. The site is very easy to use yet still full of information, making it effective for both experienced gamblers or those just starting out!

The Playbet layout is clear and shows all sports on the left, with your bet slip visible on the right. Playbet maintains a license with the Gauteng Gaming Board.

Playbet is a mobile-friendly app, which allows users to make an international sports bet wherever they are. This website works through all internet enabled devices and requires only simple instructions for use. They have no physical outlets in Johannesburg or Mpumalanga

The limits on betting are R500 per bet and clients may only place a single bet of any type. The winning limits on bets like a win, place, and an exacta apply to these different types of wagers. The maximum payout is limited to the total amount that a person can win from the local SAFTOTE pool in one game, or R500 000.00.

Registration Process on Playbet in South Africa

Playbet offers beginner players registration for a low-cost and allows them to bet on their favorite events very quickly after signing up. The registration process includes your name, address, phone number and email. You also need to confirm your e-mail and password. At last, you have to accept the terms and conditions before an account can be registered

Playbet provides their services to a variety of countries, but there are limitations. It includes the following: France, The USA, Turkey, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Belarus, Cuba, Spain, North Korea, Congo, Israel, Estonia, Philippines and more. For a list of countries supported by the service, please visit our official website. Playset reserves the right to request proof of residence from some customers. It applies to those who use deposit cards issued in the restricted countries.

How to get bonus on Playbet in South Africa

Playabets knows that customers enjoy feeling rewarded, which is why the site regularly has promotions. There are a lot of other special deals waiting for you once you’ve taken advantage of the welcome offer.

The online promotions provide you with stake refunds, better odds of winning, and bonus bets. Some of the offers you can claim are available in-store. Taking advantage of these can really help to build up your betting bankroll.

How to get Playbet Welcome Bonuses

Playbet is new to the online gambling industry, but it has made an excellent stride in its 8-year history. The Playbet online betting company is based in South Africa and caters to players that live there. www.Playbet is a sports and betting website where players can find various sporting events, odds, and payout times. Here are tips on how you can join Playbet through the bookie’s online platform:

  1. Visit through your internet-enabled device.
  2. On the homepage, click on «register now» at the top of the webpage.
  3. Fill in this form that only requires your personal information, phone number and email address.
  4. Checking the box at the bottom of this page means that you agree to these terms.
  5. Log in to the home page by clicking «LOGIN» in the upper right-hand corner.
  6. When you log in to your account, the login screen will come up.
  7. When you created your Playbet account, you included your cell phone number
  8. To log in to your account, type the password you created when you registered for a Playbet account
  9. «LOGIN»

Now that you have signed up, many informational aspects will be visible; such as your account balance. This can be found where your username appears on the screen at the top right.

First time deposit bonus Playbet

Playbet is a gaming website with many promotions that operates throughout South Africa. They offer a number of bonuses, like deposit and FICA, but not all. Players can place up to 20000 rand bets. The most attractive Playbet bonus options are for horse racing, rugby, golf, and cricket.

Deposit and withdraw on Playbet

Playbet has been able to expand in South Africa by accepting vouchers instead of credits. This allows customers to play instantly and also helps with budgeting because Playbet accepts 1Vouchers and OTT vouchers available through most major banks which can be bought at a fraction of the price compared to traditional casino chips.They also have several ways to help you fund your account, such as by verifying the Federal Insurance Contributions Act documentation. Funds can be withdrawn up to R10000 in Bet Shops once verified.

Playbet Deposit Options

When you visit Playbet South Africa’s website, it is easy to deposit money into your account using a variety of methods. Players can make financial transactions using Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, and Paysafe cards. All these transactions are instant with the exception of bank transfers, which can take up to five working days.

Playbet South Africa withdrawals on credit or debit cards take 1 to 5 working days.

Playbet Withdrawal Options

Playbet is a sports betting company with a head-office in Johannesburg, South Africa. With an online betting website that features sports and an extensive list of betting markets, the bookie will help you find what sport you are looking for. The website is easy to use and provides access to all of the functions available. Withdrawing your winnings from this website only requires a few easy steps, which we will outline in the instructions below.

  1. Log into
  2. From the account page, select withdraw.
  3. After setting up your account, you must choose the withdrawal method from a number of options including Visa, Neteller and Bank transfer.
  4. Here are the withdrawal amounts for your chosen store.
  5. Getting the cash out will be easier if you have a valid form of identification.

When you withdraw your card for payment, the withdrawal date will vary depending on the type of withdrawal you have chosen.

Vip program Playbet

There is no Playbet VIP program available at this time.

Playbet Promo Code

Playbet promo codes entitle you to a special bonus. All you have to do is enter them when signing up to a betting site or making a deposit, and as long as you meet certain requirements the bonus will be on its way! These codes are very easy to use and give you something for nothing, so they definitely worth snapping up!

How to contact customer support Playbet South Africa?

Playbet South Africa provides friendly customer support on a regular basis via phone or email. They have four physical locations in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Mpumalanga and North West.


Local sports coverage is extensive in South Africa, which ensures that there will be many local punters who visit Playbet. While the entire betting experience is fairly good, they are missing a few features like Cash Out and a mobile App.

Lekker’s slogan, which means «great» in Afrikaans, is evident in its work with local betting fans on their homepage. They have extensive coverage of national football and other sports like cricket and rugby. The interface is arranged in a manner, making it easy for customers to make their bets on the left of the page while on the right you will be able to see your betslip. Users of South African website Playbet can fund their account through a voucher system, which is popular with local punters. This has not made the ultimate betting experience possible.

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