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Brand new and still convincing? The question arises in the Pmu test. The betting provider did not receive its EU license until the end of July 2019. Exactly this fact can already be seen positively. The EU approval from Malta ensures a legally secure sports betting environment. In the following test report we wanted to know more about it. We took a closer look at Pmu for you in all relevant categories. How is the betting program structured? At what level are the betting odds? How is the sports betting tax calculated? Can the website and the app be operated easily? In our Pmu experiences we have put together all the relevant facts for you. We don’t just want to go into the highlights, we don’t want to hide minor weaknesses.

We can put one of the most important points in front of you. We have an exclusive Pmu Bonus Code for you. You can secure an additional betting credit of up to 300 euros, divided into two deposits.

Betting offer

According to our Pmu experiences, the betting offer is quite extensive. On average, customers have over 30 sports on the screen on a daily basis, logically with small, seasonal fluctuations. Every betting fan will find their desired events and odds. The number one in the portfolio is the king of football. There are still bets on the round leather. The football bets are led by tips on the Champions and Europa League as well as on the top classes in Germany, England, Spain and Italy. But that is not the end of the story. Pmu is symbolically on the ball worldwide, regardless of whether it rolls in Africa, Asia, Australia or in South or North America.In the majority of countries, the online bookmaker has at least three or four leagues on the screen. Very often, it even goes down to the amateur and junior sectors. In USA, games can be wagered into the fifth-rate league. Tennis, ice hockey and basketball betting are equally extensive and error-free.

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US sports with American Fotball and baseball , motorsport including Formula 1 betting, various martial arts such as MMA and boxing as well as handball, rugby and volleyball also play an important role in the Pmu betting program . In our experience, fans of “exotic” sports betting are also not neglected. The Gaelic sport, speedway, hurling or badminton provide enough variety. The new e-sports competitions are not missing either. To round off the overall offer, the betting odds from politics, entertainment and society are to be seen.

Live betting

Live betting was the small weak point of Pmu in the first weeks. In the meantime, the shortcoming has long since been remedied. The “in-play” tips are more than just competitive. It is positive that the live offers are very, very extensive even in depth. Up to 60 or 70 live markets per game are not uncommon.

Золотая надпись sports betting на смартфоне на фоне стадиона ...

The list of sports is of course topped by football and tennis. The two main disciplines determine the picture in the live sector. Pmu not only focuses on the top events live, but goes very far down into the semi-professional area. Other important live sports are American football, basketball, ice hockey and baseball. Furthermore, the betting provider tries to provide additional variety with some outsiders such as cricket or table tennis.

There is a little extra praise in the Pmu Test for the design of the live center. If you call up a match in single view, you can keep an eye on all other live matches on the left edge of the screen. In the match tracker you will also find numerous statistical details on the current games, which can be ideally incorporated into your own sports betting strategies.

Betting bonus

The sports betting provider usually starts with a 100% deposit bonus of up to 100 euros, but not with our exclusive Pmu Bonus Codes. You can secure a total starting credit of up to 300 euros. The first course to the checkout is rewarded with a deposit doubling of up to 120 euros. For the second deposit there is 100% up to 180 euros afterwards.

The minimum deposit required is 20 euros each. It should be noted that the deposits cannot be made with the Skrill and Neteller e-wallets. Both payment methods are excluded in the bonus terms. You should also know that the betting bonus will not be credited immediately. The deposit amount must be played through completely in advance. If the requirement is met, the bonus will be activated.

The usual wagering requirements already apply in the qualification, which also apply in the following rollover. This means that the individual bets must be played with a minimum odds of 1.7. The combination tips require a betting odds of 1.5, based on each bet selection. It is also important that some betting markets – such as Doppelte Chance, the draw no bet tips, all handicaps and the market “Both teams meet” – have no relevance to the premium. The starting capital, i.e. the deposit and bonus amount, must be played through six times at Pmu in order to reach maturity. Users who got the maximum Pmu Bonus of 120 euros in the first step must show a rollover of 1,440 euros before proceeding to the checkout without damage.

Betting odds

In our experience in the sports betting sector, Pmu works with SBtech. The bookmaker company is one of the top addresses in the industry. It equips numerous betting portals with its offers. For the Pmu betting odds, this means that the bookmaker can come up with a very solid and stable offer. The quota key is a good 93 percent, with one major exception. Mathematical payment approaches of over 96 percent are not uncommon in the local football upper house. The marginal sports are of course a little lower, but never a dubious sector. We couldn’t find any particular tendencies towards favorites or outsiders in the Pmu test. The betting odds balance is balanced. The changes just before the game starts are imaginary.

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The minimum bet amount at Pmu is one euro. The maximum game amount depends on the sport and the league. In our experience, it is easy to play four or five-digit amounts in the major football leagues.

deposits and withdrawals

However, we like the payment options at Pmu Casino Sport. Because the selection is very diverse.

Of course, you can first take a look at the classic variants, including bank transfer and fast instant transfer. Payment by credit card is also possible. Here Pmu supports the service providers Visa and Master Card.

If you prefer to pay with a wallet, you can choose from two different options at Pmu Casino Sport. First, the sports betting provider supports Skrill, second, it accepts Neteller. And there is a reason for this: Payments with these two wallets do not qualify you for the bonus.

Unfortunately, PayPal does not offer Pmu Casino Sport. However, the bookmaker accepts a completely modern payment method, namely cryptocurrencies. Pmu currently sees Bitcoin, the best-known cryptocurrency. However, other currencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin or Ripple should also be added.

Betting Markets

When it comes to the betting markets featured at PMU, you will find that there is a wide array of sports and their respective leagues up on offer. The sportsbook supports a wide range of events from all over the world and you will have the opportunity to wager your money on the best of them.

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Arguably, the most popular betting market at PMU has to be soccer. As one of the most watched sports in France and the world, in general, there is a lot of interest in soccer matches. At PMU, you will be able to place bets on matches from the UEFA Supercup, Scotland Premiership, Copa America, Major League, Premier League, World Cup Female, African Cup of Nations and more.

Tennis is always a crowd pleaser and matches take place all over the world. With multiple leagues running at any given time, it is not difficult to imagine that this is one of the most popular sports when it comes to betting. PMU gives you the chance to bet on a variety of different leagues, including, Davis Cup, ATP, Wimbledon, US Open Male and Female, WTA, Australian Open and many more.

Basketball also enjoys a lot of popularity in the world of sports betting. It is one of the most watched sports and there are millions of fans from all over the globe willing to stake their money on their favorite teams. The same is true for customers of PMU. The sportsbook supports several basketball leagues, separating them under US and Euro categories. The former includes the NBA, WNBA and NCAA, whereas the supported Euro leagues are the FIBA World Cup, Australia NBL and EuroBasket Female.

Where American sports are concerned, there are plenty of options to choose from, with American Football and Baseball at the forefront. There are multiple matches that you can bet on at any given time. The football leagues include the NFC, NFL, AFC, Divisions and more. As for baseball, you will be able to put down bets on the National League, the World Series, MLB Divisions and the American League.

Rugby is also a point of interest for PMU punters, with support for various leagues all over the globe. These include 6 Nations Tournament, Pro 14, Challenge Cup, Champions Cup, 2019 World Cup, Gallagher Premiership, Super League and NRL, among others.

Of course, there are other betting markets features at PMU, but can hardly mention them all at once. If you are interested, you will find that the sportsbook also offers wagers on volleyball, sail, motorsports, snooker, petanque, hockey, handball, golf, boxing, cycling, badminton, athletics, billiards and more. Be sure to check out the different markets for yourself to gain a better idea of what awaits you at PMU.

Outside of the betting options, the sportsbook also offers a variety of different features that you will no doubt appreciate. For one, live stream a wide array of different events, in order to watch them live as they take place. Additionally, one also has access to a calendar, listing the different events set to unfold in the near future. Of course, you also have the option to view past results and take a look at the statistics of the finished events. As they say, the past is the best way to predict the future and you should certainly make use of the tools at your disposal.

Mobile app

The provider Pmudoes not have its own mobile app in the program. But that’s really not necessary, because the developers have designed the portal’s website in a completely responsive manner.

Преимущества ставок с мобильного телефона

This means that the display always automatically adjusts to the size of your screen. So it doesn’t matter whether you go to the Pmuwebsite with your smartphone or with a tablet – the display is always tailored to the screen size. So you can of course place your bets on your home computer or on a 50 inch monitor.

We even have to say that we find the smaller versions on smartphone and tablet more successful than the desktop version. Because with the version for smartphone and tablet everything is a bit more intuitive, you should be able to navigate through the portal without a single question mark above your head.

Service and support

Bookmaker Pmuonly offers one way to contact customer support. You cannot reach the service staff by phone or live chat. The only way to contact us is by email.

The provider Pmulooks a bit chauvinistic and therefore more like from the 70s, but still meets all modern requirements. The provider has been put through its paces by the gaming authority in Curacao and has been awarded the official sports betting license.

So customers have it in black and white: the provider Pmuis definitely safe and reputable. The trustworthiness of the bookmaker is also shown by the fact that the provider has encrypted his page according to the latest standard. With SSL encryption, it is almost impossible for third parties to spy on or intercept your account details or even money transfers. Of course, Pmualso complies with the latest requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

additional offers

Pmu Casino is actually a real casino. The provider has expanded its offer with the sports betting area and you can tell that this process has not yet been completed at one or the other construction site. There is nothing to be seen in the casino area. The offer of Pmu Casino looks mature and absolutely extensive. You can play slot machines or have fun with table games and card games. Of course you can also play these games in the live casino.

Ставки на спорт с мобильного телефона - приложения букмекерских ...

And the bonus in the casino area is a lot more attractive compared to the sports betting bonus: You can clear up to 3,000 euros in bonus credit. For this you have to make at least three deposits.


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