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A very young sports betting provider is Roisbet from LG Trading Limited, whose Maltese license was issued at the end of July 2019. Accordingly, Roisbet is still a bit under puppy protection in this review and in fact I still see some weaknesses in the offer . Based on my Roisbet experience , find out whether you should already start betting here or rather wait a little longer.

Enregistrement de compte Roisbet

You cannot place bets on Roisbet without an account. You start at the top right with the distinctive red button called “Register now”.In the registration window you select your salutation (Mr or Ms) and enter your first and last name below. Your date of birth and email address follow. As always, your details must be correct, otherwise you may have problems with the payment of your winnings. Then click on “continue”.In the last dialog you choose a user name (only numbers and letters, 6 to 20 characters) and choose a password (three out of four: lowercase, capital letters, numbers and special characters, a total of 8 to 20 characters). You cannot change the currency, but you can already set a daily, weekly or monthly deposit limit here (5000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 or 100,000 euros). Underneath you can then solve the reCAPTCHA with a click of the mouse and then have the option of receiving offers and promotions by email, SMS, call and / or post. Then three checkmarks are mandatory to confirm your legal age and to accept the terms and conditions and data protection guidelines. Then you click on “Create Account”.

Operation & design

When I praised my Roisbet experience so far that sports betting is well structured and clearI didn’t mention the boredom that comes up in the design. In fact, you can quickly find your way around the bets and are not distracted from the actual purpose. But some optical eye-catchers would do Roisbet quite well, which is almost exclusively limited to the stylized eagle in the logo. In terms of color, the whole is classic with two complementary colors dark blue and very little red, plus a small variation of white, gray and black. There is basically nothing wrong with that, but nothing spectacular happens on the site. This will be apparent to everyone at the latest on the various text pages such as the terms and conditions or FAQ, on which you will practically receive Word documentsthat don’t exactly invite you to read.

Roisbet Cameroun - Test, bonus, avis sur les paris sportifs

That is simply not enough for an emotional connection to the product. Technically, Roisbet will have to improve after the beginning, if the live playing fields are weak or the page is loading too often. It is also a bit awkward when some content appears both in the bottom left of the menu and practically next to it in the footer.

Bonus & VIP program

The exclusive welcome bonus from Roisbet extends over 100% on your first deposit up to 140 euros. To activate it, you must enter the code EAGLE140 before making a deposit and then use the entire deposit amount once in bets. The minimum odds are 1.7 or 1.5 as part of a combination bet. Then the 30-day rollover phase of the Roisbet Bonus begins , in which your real money and bonus each come into play five timeshave to. Unfortunately, real money credits are also set first at Roisbet, so you always risk your own money as long as available and only then play with the bonus money. And like most of the time, as long as the bonus is active, you cannot request a withdrawal. I think this Roisbet Bonus is fair for the industry, if not representative of the epitome of a normal welcome bonus with online sports betting providers. Alternatively, when making your first deposit you can also opt for a free bet of up to 30 euros, which will then destroy the bonus just mentioned forever.


In this case the code is 30BETW and you will receive your first bet for the amount a second time. The odds must then be at least 2.0 and you have to bet between 10 and 30 euros. If you place such a bet within a week, you can place the same bet, this time as a gift, on a second bet, which must then be a two-way result bet. If you win this, you can keep the profit as real money, but does not receive the virtual stake in addition.

Unfortunately, Roisbet does not yet have a real VIP program. How often, however, your activities are checked and you are granted various goodies should you only invest enough money and stay on the ball regularly. You can currently claim four more betting bonuses. With 50BETW, a deposit of 50% is increased by up to 55 euros, after which you only have to invest the bonus money five times in combination bets with a single odds of 1.6 or higher. With EAGLE10M you have to deposit at least 10 euros from a mobile device and then place a 10 euro bet on a odds of 2.0 or higher. You will then receive a free 10 euro two-way bet. The other two promotions relate to e-sports betting. With E-SPORTS30, you receive a free bet similar to the one before, this time for a maximum of 30 euros on e-sports events with odds of 1,E-Sports 20% Cash Back ”, which gives you a 20 percent cashback on the losses of the week . This is always a fine thing, only often linked to different conditions, in this case mainly to a 10-fold implementation.

Betting offer

Roisbet has a nice, clear, but well-developed betting offer for youready. This is not an attempt to score with abstrusities, but simply covers the world of sport in its breadth. In football, for example, this means that you can also edit the top leagues and become active in the fifth league.


Accordingly, all important and less important leagues and cups including outrights are also covered internationally, mostly with a little over 100 betting markets per game, although it hardly stays below even in the regional leagues. In addition to football, about 20 other sports are offered, including, as always, basketball, tennis or ice hockey as high-traffic markets. In addition, there are the big events of the e-sports scene as well as some company bets on occasion, such as elections in Great Britain. Overall match mineRoisbet experiences the expectations of this small bookie, who offers me a solid portfolio that I can get deep into.

Live betting

The live betting offer that is currently displayed to me is unfortunately too thin if the live schedule only offers me 40 events for the coming Saturday and only 20 for Sunday. You get the Bundesliga or Premier League completely, of course, but the less prominent the pairings are, the sooner they will not be implemented live. Sometimes I see 150 tennis matches in the Far East on one day, but less than 10 live events in total on other days. So not only is the usual breadth missing, but also a certain consistency in the live area.In addition, there are no live streams at Roisbet. However, it is quite possible that pairings are only added on the same day in the short term. This is gratifying, but then it does not serve the purpose of a calendar. In the match view, few statistics are displayed above the clearly presented bets and to the right above the betting slip is the match tracker, i.e. the mini-field with current events, which is really mini-sized. For me the view didn’t always work and real live action doesn’t really come up. I like the quick selection of the pairings in the menu on the left and the briefly flashing green and red corners for odds changes.

Payment methods

This is one of the drawbacks of this bookie. In order to deposit money into your account, you have only two choices:

• In Roisbet boutique. After your registration, click on “deposit”, choose “store deposit”, then you will see a “customer identity” number. You must then go to a Roisbet agency with this number, which will then give you a transfer code, which you will then return to the site to receive your money.

• Via MTN Mobile Money, which is the fastest way. You click on “deposit”, then on “MTN Mobile Money”, then you must enter your phone number and the amount you want to deposit in your account in order to bet.

The deposit methods are therefore another point on which the site can improve. By offering more means of payment, this would probably encourage more people to create an account and bet on Roisbet.

Roisbet App Roisbet mobile - Télécharger application Roisbet apk android

The application will allow you to find the same uses as the website: that is to create your account, bet, bet live, follow the results, follow the matches live, etc. The application offers users a relatively similar experience to that of the website. Slight drawback for people with an iPhone, the application is not yet available on the App Store, so you will have to redirect to Safari and search the website.

on the mobile version of roisbet

Via your browser, this official version of the ROIBET site offers the same possibilities as on the standard version.

All types of bet: pre-match, live, combined, systems.

Filtering and managing tournaments.

Live bets.

Follow events in real time, accompanied by comments and statistics.

The calendar with a filter by date and sport to quickly find your favorite competitions.

The download app for Android provides the same functions as the mobile website. If the ergonomics are more careful, occasional bugs can ruin your games.

However, note some limitations to this application:

1. Casino games, virtual sports are not accessible via the application.

2. Impossible to follow the event in live streaming.

3. An absence of statistics on teams or players.

Odds & betting functions

The Roisbet Test also includes a rough estimate of the odds key to inform you about the bookmaker’s deductions. At Roisbet, I have to set a stricter benchmark, because here, fortunately, the handling of quotas is explained directly on the homepage and a very good quota level is an important cornerstone of my own mentality . Because if the odds are bad, customers will go to places where there are better odds, especially since Roisbet can hardly have any unique selling points anyway. So I chose ten result bets across the range and tried the slide rule. I came to 95.47 / 93.80 / 93.89 / 96.96 / 92.19 / 93.05 / 89.75 / 92.25 / 94.86 / 93.73% and thus inCut to a quota key of 93.60% . That is a good value, but based on your own statements not a very good one or at least not one that would really put Roisbet above the competition. But you can still be satisfied if you expect around 93 to 94% in an ordinary game. You can really win in the Bundesliga, where it is close to 97%, which is indeed an outstanding offer. The rate hardly ever drops below 90%, which is also due to the fact that Roisbet is keeping away from the very uncertain markets.

Offres Emploi ROISBET PARI SPORTIF RECRUTE Littoral - Banabaana

First of all, I like the menu navigation in the betting selection, in which you click on the sport very elementarily and then you are shown a few prominent countries. Only a further click opens the complete list, which means that you can quickly find everything you need, but you can still browse deep. You can have all the events of a day displayed in the calendar or query previous results in the results archive. The strong statistics department is almost at football level and gives you helpful tips for future decisions. Under “betting rules” you will be described in great detail (in English) the many available betting options. When placing bets yourself, the familiar and familiar picture awaits you at Roisbet without additional innovative features, but at least with thepopular cashout feature . You can create combination and system bets in the betting slip, where interesting events will be suggested to you again and again. With “Quickbets” you can quickly and easily enter a bet size and accept the proposed odds before you get to the match afterwards. It has a certain appeal, even if you should usually do more analysis and less gambling.


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