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Scorebet South Africa review

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ScoreBet is a reputable company that offers online sport betting services. This company has a couple of years of presence in the internet gambling sphere and currently, it’s licensed by KZNGBB.

This online betting system uses BetTech’s 1.14.1 version and looks quite more different than the rest of the pages that run on the same platform basically because of its light colour scheme which does not strain your eyes or mind when using it.

The first thing that is going to make you a huge impression when entering the desktop website version is the lack of any main menu in the top side of your screen. All of the links are, instead, transferred on your left side. Such an arrangement confused the bookie’s newest customers that are used to the convenience of switching from one to another leading page via the standard way for the purpose.

Gone are the days when you had no option but to go to a betting house and place a bet, Scorebet offers you an easy way of betting because you can place a bet from anywhere and quite frankly, sports betting has never been this convenient.

Scorebet ( also offers you a safe way of betting because it is risky to carry large sums of money in and out of the bet shops but with Scorebet, your money will be secure in your account.

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The Scorebet landing page is your standard Bettech skin with a slight twist, the twist being a Bettech site that is actually nice to look at, who would’ve thought! They’ve moved the banner carousel to the centre of the screen instead of having it as a header, which most sites do.

The colours are bright and bold, they really stand out and they’ve done a very good job with the branding. You’ll find the site to be clean and responsive on desktop and mobile with everything right at your fingertips. The register and login in buttons stand out which is a good touch as there are some much bigger sites (Betx) that haven’t managed to get this right.

Scorebet have the usual solid Bettech Quicklinks on the left hand side which give punters quick access to all the current and upcoming events. They’re also clearly keeping up to date with current events as they’ve updated the quicklinks on a regular basis. It’s a small touch but it makes a world of difference.

Scorebet on Mobiles


There isn’t a Scorebet app available yet, but the company prides itself on being mobile-friendly. The website is fully optimised for smartphones and tablets of every size and description, and although the mobile website layout is slightly different from the main desktop version, it is still very simple to operate. But why would you want to use the mobile version instead of the main site:

It’s much faster. The Scorebets mobile site is text-only, so without the adverts and images, the pages load more quickly. Also, the tap-and-scroll navigation method is much faster than a trackpad or a mouse.

All the same options are there. You can find all the promotions, features, and wagers on the mobile site just like they are on the main website, but only a few taps away.

Less cluttered pages. Because the left and right sidebars are hidden away on the mobile site, it allows the markets to be displayed full-screen.

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Scorebet have improved from their initial offering which had no inplay on offer. They now have a very comprehensive inplay and prematch market selection. It’s not going to blow your socks off but it’s more than adequate for now. We do have to give Scorebet praise for the improvement here, as the previous offering was nowhere near as good as what they have now. Additionally the odds are fair which is pretty much to be expected from a Bettech based bookmaker.

A wide range of sports are offered by Scorebet namely:

  • American Sports
  • Aussie rules
  • Baseball
  • Basketball Cycling
  • Snooker
  • Floorball
  • Handball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Rugby

With so many sports on offer, you can almost be certain that you will find interesting matches to choose from daily and win big.

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Scorebet Bonus Code


With a bonus code, all you have to do is enter it then the bonus will soon be yours. These codes couldn’t be any easier to redeem, plus the bonus that’s up for grabs is more often than not worth it. We’ve had a look at Scorebet’s bonus code offer and we think it’s a pretty good one, so let’s get started on showing you how to pick yours up.

Scorebet Sign-up Bonuses

To claim your Scorebet bonus code offer, first of all, you’ll need to set up an account. Here’s how you do just that:

1.Click on the ‘Visit Scorebet’ link we’ve provided

You don’t even have to type Scorebet’s address into your browser; just click on our link and you’ll be at the site before you know it.

2.Create your account

Click on the red ‘REGISTER’ button near the top of the screen and complete the sign-up form. You’ll have to create a username and password, plus you’ll have to provide some basic contact and personal details

3.Insert your Scorebet bonus code

Now for the important part. Be sure to enter your Scorebet bonus code when you see the bonus code field. You won’t want to miss out on your bonus, so make sure you get the code entered.

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How to Claim Your Scorebet Welcome Bonuses


Once your account’s all set up and ready to use, there are just a few more things to do:

  • You’ll need a payment method linked to your account, so choose from the options available
  • Enter the required details
  • Go ahead and deposit some funds into your account
  • Now you’ve got money in your account, you can place some bets
  • Simply follow these steps and you can look forward to receiving your bonus very soon indeed!

Scorebet Welcome Bonuses – Terms and Conditions

Before claiming any promotional offer, you should have a look through its terms and conditions. This is important because they list all of the bonus’ rules and requirements. We’ve summarised the main ones for the welcome offer at Scorebet below:

  • You have to be 18 or older
  • You have to be creating a brand new account at Scorebet
  • You have to get in touch with the customer service team to tell them your first deposit amount before placing your first bet
  • You have to play through your bonus six times before you can make withdrawals
  • Only bets at odds of 1/1 or higher count towards the wagering requirements
  • Your first deposit has to be of at least R100

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The online sports betting community in South Africa is an extremely competitive marketplace and as such companies like have to keep ahead of trends as they develop.

The most effective way to keen in time to the industry is to tap into your clientele and find out how ‘betting on your site’ will improve their lives.

Sports betting is no longer a niche market in South Africa and is fast becoming a massively popular pastime for millions of punters so one of the most important facets is making life as simple as possible for a community that may not be computer savvy.

This broad based appeal can be found in the use of the voucher system. The principle of the voucher system is based on pre-paid technology like with phone time or loading electricity. This is based on a punter going into a store outlet like a supermarket chain and purchasing a pre-paid voucher and logging onto and topping up the bet-account. uses the popular OTT voucher-system. These vouchers can be purchased nationwide at more than 20 000 retailers.

A punter can find OTT Vouchers at any ScoreBet Shop, Boxer Stores, Glocell Shops, Caltex Fresh Stops or Kazang Resellers.

Scorebet has gone one step further and is now offering a bonus for OTT voucher users. According to the promotional news in their site; if a punter buys a prepaid R50 OTT voucher on the ScoreBet Promotion they will receive a further R50 free.

This promotion is subject to the site’s time frames and may appear from time to time. The reason this is mentioned is that is thinking out of the box by not only offering a voucher system but also implementing a bonus structure around it, and this means the operators are on top of their game. Many leading competitors offer vouchers (while some do not at all) but very few attach a bonus feature with it and hats off to

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How to Register on Scorebet

Scorebet is an online bookmaker website known for its modern classic look. The website welcomes you with its attractive layout and user friendly interface that allows you to access all features either through a computer or mobile phone. To the important part, this bookmaker a long list of sporting events with impressive odds. To become part of the millions of punters playing at Scorebets, follow our registration guide below.

  1. Visit the official Scorebet website through this link
  2. Click on “register” at the top of the welcome page.
  3. Enter your email, username, S.A ID you are registering and the number on your ID. Also enter your physical address.
  4. Read the terms and conditions and confirm that you agree to the terms by ticking on the box below the registration form.
  5. Confirm you are not a robot with the RECAPTCHA verification.
  6. Click on “register” at the bottom of the registration page.

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ScoreBet Deposit


The ScoreBet Bank accounts are as below;

Account Name: SCOREBET
Account Number: 626 175 579 31
Branch Code: 252 445

Account Name: SCOREBET
Account Number: 253 219 973
Branch Code: 012 345

Account Name: SCOREBET
Account Number: 113 160 3834
Branch Code: 160 545


  • ScoreBet allows a minimum deposit of R100. CHEQUES are not accepted as deposits.
  • The minimum stake per transaction is R2.00.
  • The maximum payout for all transactions is R2 000 000.
  • The Reference is your ID Number or Passport Number.
  • Setup Notification should be emailed to [email protected]
  • Cash Deposits need to be verified before ScoreBet account is credited.
  • All information needs to be clear on the deposit slip.
  • To Notify ScoreBet of a Deposit and upload the deposit slip, follow this link, CLICK HERE.

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How to Withdraw Money from Scorebet

To make withdrawals on this website as a registered user, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to and sign in with your user details.
  2. Once you have confirmed your winnings, go to “withdrawal”
  3. Select your preferred method of withdrawal.
  4. Enter your bank account details or any other financial information requested.
  5. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw from your winnings.
  6. Confirm all the information you have provided to avoid delay while your withdrawal request is being processed.
  7. Submit your request and Scorebet will start processing your request.

ScoreBet contact details


Every customer who has an experience with the customer support team of this bookmaker is going to get confident about the kind and very professional customer support service ScoreBet offers. Use any of these communication methods to contact the customer support team:

  • E-mail – [email protected]
  • Telephone number – 012 348 1421
  • Whatsapp – 072 271 3685
  • In any of the 9 physical departments ScoreBet has in the country

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Overall Experience

Our previous review of Scorebet was scathing and in our opinion fully deserved. However with recent changes and updates Scorebet have really done a good job with the improvements. The site is easy to use and perfectly functional, we know this is what we expect from bookmakers these days but honestly the current site is infinitely better than the previous one.

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