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SportBet Nigeria review

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It’s not obvious who is. Not at first glance. Not until you research them in Google or until you create an account.

We did the latter, and what we saw hit us like a ton of bricks – this site looks identical to 5Dimes.

There’s a good reason for that. looks like 5Dimes because SportBet is owned and operated by the same company as 5Dimes.

This got us more than a little excited.

We got excited because 5Dimes is known to be a trustworthy, legit, and valuable sportsbook for both recreational and veteran sports bettors. They offer reduced juice, profitable betting opportunities – and most important of all – they pay their customers when they win.

We expect nothing less from

For this review, we’re going to focus on their sportsbook. And trust us, that’s going to be more than enough. You’ll see what we mean when you read our review below.

We’re going to do this so that you know exactly what they have to offer so you can make an educated decision as to whether is worth your time or not.

If that sounds good to you, then our review starts in the next section.

Sportbet Website


While exciting gaming action is found throughout the website, it’s the huge selection of sports betting options in the sportsbook that first caught our eye at Sportbet. Registration at the site is sleek as answering a few quick questions is all that’s required to get a personal betting account. The homepage opens with each betting area prominently displayed out front. Once inside the sportsbook, the options in play are virtually unlimited as sporting events from all reaches of the globe are offered at Sportbet. Live and Mobile betting are fixtures of the website as they are featured for sports betting, live poker and casino play, as well as thrilling horse racing action in the racebook. It’s all tied together with one account access that makes wagering quick and easy.


You’ll be able to bet on a wide variety of top-level sports at As the name of this site gives away, it’s primarily a sportsbook, and everything else comes second. Here’s what’s on offer:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Boxing
  • Athletics
  • Cricket
  • Snooker
  • Volleyball
  • Darts
  • Rugby
  • MMA
  • Watersports
  • Horse Racing
  • Wrestling
  • Esports
  • Chess
  • Politics

As you can see, this sportsbook is geared towards Nigerian bettors. However, there is a fair number of worldwide sports, so you can get in on the action on those, too.

I like how simple this sportsbook is. Although it has a very basic design, which looks like it was put together many moons ago, it’s extremely easy to use and navigate. I’ll take a user-friendly site that’s easy to use over a slick design any day, although truth be told I’d prefer both.

You’ll see all of the sports listed in the left-hand menu, and all of the live lines related to your selections will appear center-screen, as is the case at most sportsbooks. You can convert the odds to either American or decimal formats, depending on what you prefer. I did encounter a hiccup where I had to click one selection multiple times before it appeared on my bet slip, though, which shows there is some room for improvement.

There are a couple of cool features which I really appreciated at I enjoyed flicking through the “news” section, which filled me in on all of the latest happenings related to the sports I’m interested in (MMA and boxing, mainly).

I also like that there are clear, dedicated sections explaining the wager types, sportsbook rules, sports stats, and a betting glossary. These are all useful to both new and experienced sports bettors, and scored a few extra points with me for providing them.

Speaking of types of wagers, let me explain what types of bets you can make here. You can place straight, total, teasers, if bets, reverses, round robins, pleasers, parlays, point buys, and various live/in-play bets here. So, as you can see, there are both lots of sports to bet on and lots of bets you can make. You won’t get bored quickly at this sportsbook.

Odds/Bet Limits


With an impressive slate of things to bet and with very little juice on the matches, the SportBet sportsbook is very strong in this category. The odds here will get even better if you go with their 30% Super Saver Promotion which puts the odds on almost all head-to-head match ups at -107 style pricing. In the long run, this is a huge advantage to the better as with this pricing you only need to win 51.7% of your match ups to break even. Compare that to the 52.4% that you have to win with -110 style pricing to break even and it’s easy to see that the advantage at SportBet can make or break a season.

One of the things that always impresses us with SportBet is the variety of lines and the speed at which they come out. In the summer, SportBet (along with 5Dimes) were the first to put out odds on 150 or so college football match ups through out the season. If soccer is your game, then just about every European football league is covered along with all the leagues in South America and the MLS in the United States.

With all this in mind, these are all very good things for the serious high-volume sports bettor.

Live Betting

Sportbet offers Live Betting odds for straight wagers, parlays, IF BETS, and rolling IF BETS for nationally televised games on selected sports. For football, basketball and baseball, Live Betting odds are offered on regular and post-season games during commercial breaks. Live Betting lines are offered for hockey on selected playoff games during the intermission breaks. Live Betting is also offered on tennis, golf and soccer.


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You will find esports action at

In the Main Sportsbook, they were covering games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and Rainbow Six. Go to the Sports Betting Prime, and you can also bet on Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft, Overwatch, League of Legends, and Hearthstone.

The types of bets you can make include moneylines, spreads, and totals. What we didn’t find were options to bet on markets such as the first to x kills, map winners, and so on.

And that’s the extent of their esports betting options. We didn’t find any live betting options, live streams, or any extras such as tips or data that other sites share. You also can’t choose esports in the Bet Builder.

This is all a little disappointing.

That said, their esports section is okay. It’s not the best, but it will do if you enjoy betting esports on occasion. If you’re a diehard enthusiast, though, you’ll probably want to have an account for esports betting elsewhere.

Mobile Betting

Our dialog on SportBet’s mobile platform will sound a lot like our dialog on the web site’s user interface – it’s not super pretty, but functional. It is no doubt challenging to organize and fit all the different betting types and such into something that can be viewed on a mobile phone and SportBet actually does do a pretty admirable job.

Once logged in, the user is given all of the sports and leagues in a list under the “Bet the Board” option. For convenience, the option to “Continue” or move to the next screen is always available at the top of screen as well as your account settings and the ability to deposit money. Once the sport or league is selected, you are taken to the page that looks very similar to what the bet selection screen looks like on the web site (see image to the left). You are actually given a notification to turn your phone into landscape mode for easier viewing and it is true that viewing it this way does help a little bit. However, even in portrait mode, you are easily able to scroll to the right to see all the odds and easily make bets on the games. Once a bet is selected, the user is taken to a bet confirmation screen, that again, is very similar to the screen that one would see if confirming a bet on their computer. Once the bet is confirmed, the process is completed and you are good to go.

Overall, while SportBet doesn’t have the most impressive mobile platform, it certainly does the trick for users who are constantly on the go.

Bonuses and Promotions


Many online casinos and sportsbooks use offers to help attract new players and keep current ones around. is no different. In the case of, they offer bonuses and promotions for both their sportsbook and online casino. Below, we’ve broken down the major bonuses and promotions that were available at the time of our site review. Be sure to check out for the latest offers.

30% Super Saver Bonus Program

Literally, no idea what the name of this bonus has to do with what it is, but it is a pretty cool promotion. On a whole handful of popular bets that usually pay out at (-110), you can get them at (-107). Basically, the sportsbook is taking less juice on a lot of popular bets including parlays.

This is one of SportBet’s new player bonuses. You’re only able to select one of the new player bonuses. If this isn’t to your liking, you can contact support and get switched over to one of their other three options – FreePlay, Lotto, Loyalty Deposit, Reduced Juice, Cash Back, Casino Rebate, Point Mover Special, or Free Payout programs.

It wasn’t initially clear if these were one-time use promotions or if they were things that would be connected to your account for lifetime. It does appear, though, that this is going to be connected to your account for life which is pretty neat.

20% Refer a Friend Bonus


The sportsbook also has a referral program where you’ll get a free play equal to 20% of your friend’s deposit. So, if you friend deposits $100, you’ll get a free bet for $20. The maximum bonus on this is $200, and you must claim it within 24 hours of your friend making their deposit. We guess your friend has to let you know when they deposit so you can contact support and let them know about it. You might want to offer your friend a piece of your bonus to ensure they let you know when they deposit.

Additionally, they have a lot of promotions for their casino games that you can check out. Some of these are free spins, game coupons, jackpot promos, and poker promos (bad beat, no fee guarantees, and poker reward points).

Account Registration

Access the “Register Here” page for quick and secure account registration. After your account information is submitted, in  a mere matter of seconds, Sportbet will send a registration confirmation to your email address. Once you receive the confirmation, log into the Sportbet system and explore the different wagering areas. Head over to the cashier window to fund your account and you are ready to bet in the exciting world of online wagering.

Cashier and Banking Options


Deposit options are plentiful, and bettors will have no problem getting money online to bet.  E-wallets are recommended for international depositors, as they are instant payment methods and hassle free.

The most popular options for bettors are credit cards and person to person transfer.  Credit cards are instant, and there are no fees for the transaction.  However, a player’s bank may charge them a fee for an international credit card transaction.  The min deposit is $50, and the max is $500.  Person to person transactions are sent via Western Union or MoneyGram, and take a few hours to be credited to your account.  These can be sent online.  The min deposit for this method is $100, and the max is $2500.  The deposits fees can be hefty for this method, but Sportbet will cover fees deposit fees for deposits of $250 or more.  Other deposit methods include sportsbook transfer and cashier’s check/money order – which has no deposit limit.

Withdrawal options are also vast for players.  Each player is entitled to one free withdrawal within a 30 day period, with subsequent withdrawals being subject to fees.

Players have several options, as well.  The most popular amongst players is paper check, which takes 7-10 business days via FedEx.  These come with a $1,000 min and a $3,000 max per check.  Person to person transfers are also an option for payout and are the fastest current withdrawal method.  This method is usually processed between 24-48 hours, and has min and max withdrawal of $100 and $450, respectively.  Fees can be large when withdrawing using this method, and can range from $60 to $110, depending on the amount requested.

Customer Service

One of the areas that Sportbet stands out the most and separates themselves from the pack is the quality of their customer service. Sportbet customer service clerks speak fluent English and Spanish. Customer support is offered through live chat, email, and telephone customer service. Whenever a player disagrees with a ruling from the sportsbook, Sportbet welcomes players to contact SBR for a second opinion.

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