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Our Supertote sports betting test – the betting provider had an inconspicuous role in the online sports betting world for a long time, but in truth this is the oldest 100% betting provider on the market. Originally developed from a horse betting bookmaker, it made a name for itself very early with the branches. Supertote is a sports betting provider that has not only provided its betting portal for customers on the Internet since 2009, but has also been active in sports betting since the 1970s.

Supertote facts:

  • Always the most aggressive odds
  • No betting tax on live betting
  • Very good service and support without exception
  • One of the few really good companies in the industry.

Supertote website

The internet presence of the bookmaker Supertote has changed in recent years and has become much clearer. In terms of color, the sides of the provider are kept rather simple and in addition to the colors white and gray, Supertote sets a few pleasant accents with the colors blue and orange. The structure of the page hardly differs from the betting portals of other providers and so there is the option in the top bar to jump directly to the sports betting or live betting area. On the left side of the portal you can select the desired sport and in the middle you will find an overview of the bets offered in this area. Finally, the betting slip is displayed on the right-hand side and occasionally there are also advertisements for special offers from Supertote.

What we liked very much was that you also have two options in the live betting area. There is the quick overview, in which you simply have the three most important options for a large number of games and then the single view with all markets. We like the simple design at Supertote, because every newcomer will really find everything right away.

Supertote sports betting bonus

For a long time, the betting provider Supertote had only a small new customer bonus worth a maximum of 20 euros in the program. That changed completely when you not only got prominent faces for advertising, but also really broadcast TV spots. Since then we have constantly seen the 100% up to € 150 bonus. This is a completely different announcement and even higher than the special bonus that we otherwise had. Clear recommendation at this point, because you get a lot for your deposit.

At Supertote, the deposit amount must be wagered once, on bets that each have a minimum odds of 2.00. In addition, the bonus amount provided must be wagered 5 times within a maximum of 45 days. Here, too, only bets will be counted towards the fulfillment of the bonus conditions that have a betting odds of 2.00 or more. So the most important points:

  • The bonus must be wagered 5x with a minimum odds of 2.00.
  • The deposit must be made 1x with a minimum odds of 2.00.
  • The bonus applies to customers from many countries.
  • The fees that you pay for single bets, for example, do not count towards sales.
  • You have 45 days to meet the wagering requirements.

To get the Supertote welcome bonus, you do not have to enter a voucher code or the like when registering. Other betting providers definitely rely on such a bonus code, without which you will not receive a new customer bonus. But Supertote gives every customer who registers a deposit bonus without a code or voucher or the like. This makes using a new customer bonus even easier than it already is.

Supertote betting offer

Supertote does not offer every insanity, as some betting providers do, but there is really everything you need as a sports betting fan. In addition to the usual main sports such as football, tennis, ice hockey, handball and basketball, there are also smaller sports such as table tennis, darts or futsal. Since we are big fans, we thought it was great that even MMA is on offer.

The same principle as for sports also applies to the countries and leagues that are on offer. There is really everything you need, but it never goes crazy. Among us: nobody really misses the leagues that cannot be seen here.

What is sometimes controversial, but which we do not perceive as a shortcoming, is the mistake of crazy special bets. In the case of large leagues, around 35 markets are offered, although there is no need to fool around counting the markets as some do. We really liked the fact that what customers really like, such as “1X2 and Over / Under goal count” is really on offer. This combination of two bets in the same market is what people really like but often don’t get.

The Supertote poker combo is the latest offer for Supertote customers. Three tips are selected from one of the major leagues, combined into a combination bet and then this combination bet gets a mega strong odds. You can bet on it as normal (but not combine them with others). That sounds like nothing, but after looking at the examples, we were pleasantly surprised by the PowerKombi. The reason is very simple: you do not take wild tips here, but really things that most would play that way and then you really turn up the odds. Great idea!

Supertote betting odds

When submitting sports bets, the betting odds determine the amount of the profit from a correct bet. It is therefore good to know that Supertote is almost always at the top with its betting odds. Even the average payout key for the provider is an astonishing 96 percent and especially when betting on interesting football games, the Supertote often even works with a payout key of around 98 percent. This means that the bookmaker definitely doesn’t have to fear any competitors and in many cases even has the best odds on the market.

With Supertote you can easily place your bets even with a small budget, starting at a stake of EUR 1.00 per bet. But players with large stakes are also welcome at the provider and the profit limit per customer is generally a sporty 100,000 euros per week.

live betting

Supertote recognized the signs of the times and invested a lot of money and work in the live betting. Here you will not only find a huge selection of live bets on king football, but there is also a large selection of live bets for many other popular sports, such as tennis, basketball, ice hockey or handball.

Not only that, the odds are very good and above all Supertote has decided to make live betting completely tax free. If you still pay fees for the main bets, the live bets are completely tax-free. This is effectively 5% more per bet and ticket.

Others products

There are no casino games, live poker, or other privileges that other online bookmakers should cover with all aspects of betting. This can be positive for you, if you want to focus on a competition and consider yourself a racing expert, then there is nothing wrong with choosing. However, for most people, the lack of diversity can be unpleasant, as you can’t take a break and try something new without leaving the site.

Limits Спорт День за Днем» | Ставки на спорт: успех будет зависеть от ...

Despite the fact that there is no wagering limit, there are some maximum wins. The weekly limit for net winnings is £ 100,000. There are also some restrictions on the race. For races, this is based on the race category: for category 1 races, you can win up to € 200,000, € 100,000 for category 2 and € 25,000 for categories 3 and 4. For greyhound racing, there is a general maximum winning limit: € 25,000. As for minimum bidding, it’s 50p. For a more detailed review of all winnings and limits, you can check out the supertote terms and conditions. You can set your own limits on deposit rates in 1 and 28 days, losses that you are willing to incur in 1 or 28 days. You can also set an expiration period of up to six weeks, and if you wish to opt out, you can do so for up to 5 years as a resident of France.

How make a deposit?

In addition to bank transfers, there are many safe ways to deposit and withdraw supertotes. Visa and MasterCard are credit card companies, but you also have a number of other payment methods available to you, such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. You can also use a Paysafe card. The minimum deposit depends on the payment method: from 1 pound (Skrill) to 20 pounds (PayPal). Of all the payment methods available to UK consumers, only a deposit limit of £ 1,000 is set for Paysafe card users. As for the withdrawal of funds, if the money in your account is not protected by any bonus, you can withdraw part or all of your balance. It’s a bit complicated when you use multiple payment methods; You have to align each of the methods you use before you can decide where you want to go. Typically, you will receive your money within 72 hours. And the last tip: you have to pay for certain payments. If the withdrawal is less than GBP 5, you will be charged GBP 1.50 to offset the processing costs of the withdrawal. For a fourth withdrawal or more within 30 days, a processing fee of 50 pence and a fee of GBP 15 for any bank transfer not included in the SEPA system will be charged.

1xbet deposit and withdrawing via several methods

Below is a step-by-step overview of how to successfully deposit funds into your supertote betting account:

1. Click on one of the photos on this page for an automatic redirection to supertote.

2. If this is your first time, register as a new customer or log in with your password.

3. Look for the wallet icon (mobile version) or the dollar sign “$” (desktop version) to access the payments page and select “Deposit”.

4. Select the desired payment method and follow the on-screen instructions.

5. Place your bets!

APP CoachCam - Sports Video Analysis App

Unlike many betting companies that operate legally on the territory of certain African countries, the supertote bookmaker has applications compatible with the Android and IOS operating systems.

The mobile version of the supertote bookmaker is ideal for all telecommunications devices, regardless of its operating system. The official site automatically adapts to the type of device and allows customers to access all of the bookmaker’s features. The developers have created a mobile version of this bookie, because the official site is too overloaded with offers and advertisements, which have a negative impact on the rate of return of the site on a phone or a tablet. This is why, among the advantages of the mobile version of the supertote bookmaker, we can distinguish:

⦁ compactness – when all offers are clearly structured and quick to access.

⦁ Quick and automatic access authorization – which eliminates the need to type in the login or password, saving us time.

⦁ the absence of advertisements – saves us time and internet traffic.

⦁ full availability of all the functions of the official site.

As we will see, the mobile version is complete. Bettors have access to all the main betting proposals, can even make deposits or withdrawals of funds.


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