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Tokyo 2020: Opening Ceremony 2021

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This is the first time that there are no spectators at the opening of a Games due to the risk of coronavirus. Fewer high-profile guests will be at this event.


The Olympics has also changed. Women will be a part of the games too. There are more mixed events, and as long as they have 48.8% of women, they will have nearly achieved gender equality. The percentage was 44.2% in London and 45% in Brazil; but it is now 48.8%.

During the parade, different countries will march according to the Japanese alphabet. The team from Greece will come after Japan. A traditional Olympics is opened by Japan’s Emperor Naruhito. This year, instead of expensive shows, Tokyo wants a more solemn opening ceremony that will emphasise the Japanese flavor.

Ceremony 2021

There are 950 people at the arena. They have a theme called “Moving Forward”. The theme is about how we can end global health issues and also how Japan recovered from an earthquake.

The ceremony will also talk about other topics. It will have a parade of athletes. The current Tokyo Olympics were to be held from 24 July to 9 August 2020. But the competition has been postponed for a year and was going to be until 8 August 2020. The organizers decided that they should hold the Games without foreign fans, and local people cannot go see Olympic events in six Japanese prefectures, including Tokyo.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Preview – Tokyo, Japan – July 20, 2021 General view of the Olympic Rings outside The National Stadium, the main venue of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Rules and rituals of the opening and closing ceremonies

The opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games are held at the largest stadium in the city. There is a strict ritual that was approved by the Olympic Charter.

In the opening ceremonies, countries share their culture and history. Countries usually start with their national anthem and then show what they are about. They do this through music, singing, dance or theatre performances.

The ceremony starts with the Parade of Nations. People from different countries walk through the stadium and we can see them. The country that organized the games comes last. A person from that country carries a flag for their team.

The President of the Organising Committee makes a speech. Then, the president of the International Olympic Committee also gives one. The two presidents introduce the head of state or someone representing him from your country who officially opens the Games. The Olympic flag is raised and then you sing an Olympic song while it is up in front.

The flag bearers of all nations shall then be positioned around the podium, where one athlete from the host nation, one coach and one judge from the host nation shall recite the Olympic oath. This is followed by the completion of the torch relay on the stadium track. After completing one last lap around the stadium, the torch, carried by the runners from Olympia, is brought to the bowl. The Olympic flame is lit and stays lit until the close of the Games. Another IOC rule states that the Olympic flame bowl must be visible from outside the stadium to all the inhabitants of the host city. After the Ceremony, the artistic performance begins.

The closing ceremony of the Games begins with everyone coming in. One athlete from one team carries their country’s flag. The President of the International Olympic Committee talks and announces when the next Games will be at a different place. Three flags are raised: Greece, where the games is being held, and another country that will host it in four years.

At the end of the Olympics, they lower and carry the flag in front of everyone. They turn off the flame. A cannon can be heard. The song plays. The closing ceremony begins in that place.

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