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Traditional Medicine Herbs. Are They Good or Bad for Volleyball Players?

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Asia is known for its traditional medicine. In the article, you’ll find out about the pros and cons of using herbs in volleyball players. First-hand experience of Vladimir Stefanov.

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Traditional Medicine Herbs. Are They Good or Bad for Volleyball Players? The Opinion of Vladimir Stefanov

Our today’s conversation is devoted to the use of herbs in volleyball players. Do they really work? Are they safe for sportsmen? Vladimir Stefanov, a current player of one of the Honk Kong volleyball teams, will share his opinion on this point.

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What Herbs Are Usually Used in Sports? Why?

At the beginning of our talk, Vladimir Stefanov told us about the herbal supplements used in Asian traditional medicine. “Now I am a part of the Hong Kong volleyball team, and a couple of years before, I used to play for Singapore. In both countries, volleyball players use herbal supplements, such as Ginseng and Rhodiola. My teammates claim Ginseng helps them enhance their performance on the volleyball court. It is useful for the heart and makes it easier for the body to handle increased cardio loads. Another benefit of taking Ginseng supplements is that they work well for muscle relaxation and improve some cognitive functions, making you more effective in the game.

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Rhodiola is mainly used for speeding up muscle recovery after the game. It helps their relaxation and excretion of lactic acid. Besides, this plant induces an anti-inflammatory effect, which is great for people like me. It’s not rare that volleyball players use Rhodiola supplements during the recovery from injury.”

What Are the Main Dangers of Using Herbal Supplements in Volleyball Players?

Except for the pros of using herbs in volleyball players, we also asked Vladimir Stefanov about the drawbacks and possible hazards of taking herbal stimulants. Here’s what he thinks in this regard: “You know that there are some medicines for performance enhancement that are banned from use in sports by the World Anti-doping Agency. Playing in Hong Kong, my teammates and I are regularly monitored for use of banned meds. There have been situations when a man tested positive, but the only medicine he took was a Ginseng supplement. As it turned out, the tablets he took contained one of the banned drugs. Here’s what I’m leading to you never know whether the list of ingredients given on the pack corresponds to the content of the pill. The quality of the bulk of herbal supplements leaves much to be desired, so I wouldn’t risk recommending them to anyone.”

Summing Up

As you see, even professional volleyball player, like Vladimir Stefanov, asks people to be cautious about the herbal supplements they use. The intake of any medication of traditional medicine is risky unless you are 100% confident about the quality of the supplement.

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