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UFC 245: Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington

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Las Vegas hosted the last number one event of 2019 for the world’s most popular promotion, UFC 245, at the T-Mobile Arena. In the main fight of the evening, Kamaru Usman knocked out Colby Covington and defended his welterweight title. Amanda Nunez also retained the belt, defeating Jermaine de Randamie, while Max Holloway lost to Alex Wolkanowski and forfeited the championship.


Usman is considered as one of the most boring champions. First of all he wins with confidence but without punching: he dries up the fights and puts up a wild fight. Secondly, he says very little in interviews. Kamaru would have kept quiet if Covington hadn’t pestered him. But thanks to Colby, the fight was promoted and Usman responded stiffly.

“Our war with Colby is absolutely real. Everybody knows about it. It’s not something made up – it’s real. People say they can’t wait for me to finish this guy off. I can’t wait to get out in the cage with him. I’ll teach Covington respect,” Usman issued.

From the start of the fight, Covington got out to a comfortable distance and was outboxing Usman. Colby was quicker: Kamaru could not keep up with his opponent’s hands and he did a great job with the jab. Sometimes he used his legs, which confused Usman. The champion came to his senses towards the end of the first round, but recovered his position in the octagon at the end of the second round.

But the fight was getting as close as possible. Covington was getting in some high kicks in the breaks, sometimes it even looked like Usman was going down. It didn’t come to a real knockdown, though.

By the fifth round, the situation was really even. One referee counted 3-1 in favour of Covington, another counted a similar scoreline in favour of Usman, and a third put it at 2-2. But by this point, Kamaru had already broken Colby’s jaw – powerful right straights from the champion were constantly hitting the target. Before the championship rounds, Covington sat down in the corner and told his seconds that it was bad. Nevertheless, he continued to fight. But made no conclusions.

The outcome of the fight

The main impression of the fight was that base fighters Covington and Usman did not make a single take-down attempt in the whole 24 minutes of the fight. The whole time they were chopping in the stand-up and Colby’s face was in a ghastly state. It wasn’t until a minute before the end of the clash that Usman made a bright point.

Another straight right – Covington knocked out. Colby got up – and down again. A small takedown which was good enough to stop it. Kamaru Usman is still the UFC welterweight champion. Covington even ran out of the stadium after that one.

“His punching skills are pathetic. Usman hasn’t knocked anyone out in his life. He has cushions instead of fists. I will rain such a hail of punches on him that I will break all UFC records,” Covington said before the fight. But he himself was missing more and more.wd

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