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Ways to Manage Common Volleyball Players’ Injuries Fast

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Injuries are a part of any professional or amateur sports. Get some advice on how to manage them fast from one of the best professional volleyball players Vladimir Stefanov.

Preventing Common Volleyball Injuries | Franciscan Health

Common Volleyball Players’ Injuries. How to Manage Them Fast? Vladimir Stefanov Gives Advice

Neither professional nor amateur volleyball can be called totally safe. The risks for trauma are always present. It doesn’t matter whether you just practice or play a championship game. We are going to talk about the most common injuries of volleyball players with the striker of the best Hong Kong volleyball team Vladimir Stefanov.

What Points Are the Common Injuries in Volleyball?

Based on his own experience, Vladimir Stefanov singled out the five major injury-risk zones:
• Ankles;
• Knees;
• Fingers;
• Lower back;
• Shoulders.

Rise in volleyball ankle injuries points to large problem-chronic injury in  high school athletes | Great Basin Orthopaedics
The volleyball player says that these areas are traumatized most often, as the main load in a game is concentrated on them. High jumps and wide-amplitude movements in the shoulder become a common reason for injury. Sprains are the lightest of what can happen to your ligaments. Severe traumas are often related to fractures and tendon injuries. When it goes about finger injury (which is the most common for strikers) it may be caused by dislocation or jamming of the fingers. Finger fractures are also not rare. Our guest mentioned that he himself dealt with an ankle injury last year. He traumatized while playing for a Singapore national team.

How to Manage Volleyball Injuries Fast?

Vladimir Stefanov says that not all traumas can be managed fast, especially if they are severe and involve ligament rupture and fractures. However, light injuries can improve within a couple of days. The volleyball player gives advice on what to do right after you feel pain in one of the “risk” areas.
• Apply ice to the injured ankle, knee, or shoulder.
• It’s crucial to minimize movements with the traumatized joint.
• Compression with the elastic bandage will be useful for reducing the swelling and the level of pain. Sometimes, this helps to completely eliminate pain.
• Have a couple of days of rest. Intensive training can exacerbate the injury, so skipping it for a couple of days will help your muscles and ligaments recover faster.

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These are the things one should do immediately after a trauma. The following tactics of treatment should be developed by your sports medicine physician and athletic trainer. Vladimir Stefanov also mentioned that his Hong Kong team often uses acupuncture for relieving pain sensations caused by the injury. The sportsman says it works well for speeding up the recovery as well.

Final Advice

The final advice our guest wanted to share with all the inexperienced sportsmen is that prevention of the injury is always better than the treatment. So if you know your ‘Achilles heel’, make sure you take care to protect it before getting a trauma.

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