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Zebet : Un site de paris sportifs plutôt compétitif - Parions Mieux

ZEbet is a sports betting company that received the ARJEL’s (Online Games Regulatory Authority) approval in 2014, just ahead of the FIFA World Cup. Its founder, Emmanuel de Rohan Chabot, a French entrepreneur, had previously introduced ZEturf, which ranked as the second-largest online horse racing betting platform in France, trailing only PMU, a decade earlier. When you sign up with ZEbet, you’ll manage a single player account for both ZEbet and ZEturf, simplifying the transition between the two platforms. ZEbet has been making significant strides in gaining recognition recently, in part due to its association with Omar Da Fonseca, an Argentinian beIN Sports consultant who now acts as the brand’s ambassador. Additionally, the operator has entered into an active sports sponsorship agreement with AS Saint-Étienne for the 2019-2020 season, marking a notable milestone as the first partnership with a Ligue 1 club for the sports betting site.

Betting and Sports

At ZEbet, you’ll discover a wide range of major sports and significant competitions. While it may not offer the most extensive selection in the sports betting market, this bookmaker still provides nearly 20 different sporting disciplines. You’ll find all the standard types of bets, including singles, accumulators, systems, live betting, and more. Various betting options are also available, such as predicting the match winner, margin of victory, goal scorers, and more. ZEbet also values customer loyalty. With each bet you place, you earn ZEpoints (ranging from 2 to 18 depending on the odds), which can later be converted into cash (2,000 ZEpoints = €10). This converted amount must be wagered once before it can be withdrawn. Additionally, the sports betting site frequently offers free bets to its members through its social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat).

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ZEbet consistently provides competitive odds that are often among the most attractive in the market. While it may not surpass the dominance of Winamax and Unibet, it still holds a notable position among bookmakers and can even compete with these giants in certain aspects. ZEbet particularly excels in European football betting, which is a highly popular choice among bettors. However, it lags behind in other sports disciplines. If you have a strong preference for betting on rugby or basketball, ZEbet may not be your top choice.


ZEbet Bonus

ZEbet aims to make a strong impression with its welcome bonus, offering up to €150 when many of its competitors cap their bonuses at €100. It’s important to clarify that these bonuses are in the form of free bets rather than cash, but they still offer great value. To claim the maximum ZEbet bonus, you need to make an initial deposit of at least €100 (with a minimum deposit requirement of €15). Once your deposit is made, you have 15 days to place your bet and take advantage of the offer. You can use this free bet on a single or combined bet, and there are no minimum odds requirements. If your initial bet loses, ZEbet refunds your entire stake in the form of free bets, up to a maximum of €100, split into two payments. The first payment, equivalent to 50% of the wagered amount, is made immediately after the match.

Bonus Zebet pour les paris sportifs, comment fonctionne-t-il ?

Additionally, ZEbet offers a second bonus known as an “extension pack.” This bonus consists of two parts and can provide you with a maximum of €50 in free bets. Specifically, 10% of your losing bets (only pre-match single or multiple bets) during the first 30 days following the confirmation of your account will be returned to you in the form of free bets on the night of the 30th to the 31st day, with a limit of €25. The process repeats as you receive 10% of your losing bets (only pre-match, single, or combined bets) during a new 30-day period starting from the reception of your first part of the “extension pack,” also credited on the night of the 30th to the 31st day, with the same €25 limit. This means you can receive a total of €50 in free bets. It’s important to note that to withdraw your ZEbet bonus, you must wager it in full at least twice.

ZEbet: Promotions and Challenges

Opting for ZEbet for your betting experience opens the door to a variety of challenges, promotions, and engaging features that enhance the overall enjoyment of sports betting. One such feature is the Cash Out option, which has been available on the platform since 2017. With Cash Out, you can reclaim a portion of your wager before a match concludes, allowing you to secure a portion of your potential winnings regardless of the final match outcome.

Another exciting offering is the House of Coach Fantasy League, where you can assemble your dream team and earn points based on the actual performance of players. Your performance and ranking in the league determine the prizes you can win. This feature covers multiple football competitions, including the Champions League, Ligue 1, Premier League, Liga, Serie A, and Europa League. Additionally, there’s an NBA challenge available nearly every night.

For those who enjoy making predictions, ZEbet provides prediction grids, allowing you to make five, seven, or ten predictions on predetermined matches. This adds an extra layer of excitement to your sports betting experience.

Live Betting ZEbet

One notable limitation of ZEbet is its absence of a streaming service, a feature that some of its competitors offer. Consequently, ZEbet may not provide the most favorable conditions for live betting. However, it does provide a live tracker and a dynamic statistics system, allowing you to closely follow the match’s progress. While these tools can provide fairly precise updates, they cannot fully substitute the experience of watching a live match. ZEbet does offer a variety of live betting scenarios, including options related to the number of goals/points, handicaps, halftime bets, and more, which can make the live betting experience engaging and interesting.

Zebet — ZeBet - Pari sportif en ligne avec licence belge

ZEbet Social Networks

ZEbet maintains an active presence on various social networks, primarily Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. On Facebook, the sports betting site has garnered over 17,000 likes, while it boasts nearly 10,000 followers on Twitter and more than 1,500 on Instagram. While these numbers may appear relatively low, especially for a company with a strong social media presence, it’s essential to note that ZEbet lags behind some of its competitors in terms of social media popularity. For instance, Unibet and Bwin lead the way in terms of Facebook likes, with over 886,000 and almost 755,000 likes, respectively. Similar trends are observed across various social networks, with ZEbet typically ranking lower in terms of social media popularity compared to other operators.

ZEbet Application

You can easily and freely download the ZEbet app on your smartphone, whether you’re using Android (available on the Play Store) or iOS (accessible via the Apple Store). This app provides access to all the features offered on the ZEbet website, including prediction grids, House of Coach, and Cash Out, allowing you to place bets conveniently anytime and anywhere using your phone. While the ZEbet app underwent a significant update in March 2018 to address certain glitches and improve performance, it currently does not support fingerprint authentication. Nevertheless, the app still offers a reasonably swift login experience.

The ZEbet app offers nearly the same services as the website. However, there are some minor differences, such as the absence of certain lesser-known leagues present on the website. Despite not boasting the most extensive game catalog, the app covers major sports and competitions across almost 20 different disciplines, ranging from football to snooker, tennis, basketball, and rugby. You’ll find all the standard bet types available, including accumulators, system bets, 1N2, margin of victory, and goal scorers, among others. The same betting options found on the website are also accessible through the app. This includes live betting and Cash Out features, allowing you to salvage a portion of your stake in the case of an inaccurate prediction or secure your winnings. However, the app lacks a video streaming service. Instead, it provides match updates through a live tracker with real-time scores and a dynamic statistics system. One notable feature offered by ZEbet is its prediction grids, along with its engaging Fantasy League game called “House of Coach,” available for football and basketball. This game allows you to compete against other players by creating virtual teams in these sports.

ZEbet Payment Methods

ZEbet offers various convenient methods for depositing funds into your account, including bank cards, PayPal, Skrill, and bank transfers, which are the recommended options. Additionally, you can use Paysafecard, Ticket Premium, Neosurf, or Cashlib/MoneyClic, but it’s worth noting that these methods come with transfer fees ranging from 2.5% to 4% of the deposited amount. The minimum deposit threshold is set at €15 for the recommended payment methods.

For withdrawals, ZEbet provides two options: traditional bank transfers and withdrawals via Skrill, provided you have previously made a deposit using the electronic wallet. The minimum withdrawal amount is also €15.

Payment Methods | Braintree Payments

Here’s a step-by-step guide to get started with ZEbet:

  • Step 1: Register on the ZEbet sports betting site by clicking the yellow “registration” button. Provide your required information, including your identity, contact details, and account details, and then click “validate” to create your player account.
  • Step 2: Log in to your ZEbet account using your username and password. Once logged in, you can make a deposit by clicking the yellow “credit” button. You can set your game limits (wagers and deposits per week) as well. Enter the desired deposit amount (with a minimum of €15) and click “confirm.”
  • Step 3: Choose your preferred payment method to credit your account. ZEbet offers a wide range of options, including bank cards, PayPal, Skrill, bank transfer, Paysafecard, Ticket Premium, Neosurf, or Cashlib/MoneyClic. Please be aware that fees apply when depositing with prepaid cards and tickets (Paysafecard, Ticket Premium, Neosurf, Cashlib/MoneyClic).

ZEbet Withdrawal

In order to initiate a withdrawal from your ZEbet player account, you must first complete the account validation process. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Provide Proof of Identity: Send a copy of your proof of identity (passport, identity card, or driver’s license) along with your bank account details under your last name. You can submit these documents via email, post, or fax. It’s essential to send these documents within 30 days of registering with ZEbet.
  2. Receive Activation Code: Once your documents are processed, ZEbet will send you an activation code via postal mail. This code is necessary to complete the validation process.
  3. Enter Activation Code: Log in to your player account and enter the activation code you received via mail. This step finalizes the validation of your account.

After your ZEbet player account is validated, you can proceed with withdrawals. The minimum withdrawal amount is €15, and you can choose to withdraw funds via bank transfer or Skrill.

Serious or scam

Before registering on any sports betting site and providing your banking information, it’s crucial to ensure the site’s reliability and trustworthiness. ZEbet meets several criteria that demonstrate its reliability:

  1. ARJEL Approval: ZEbet has obtained approval from the ARJEL (Online Games Regulatory Authority), which is a significant indicator of its reliability. ARJEL approval signifies that the operator complies with regulatory requirements and operates within the legal framework.
  2. PayPal Integration: The inclusion of PayPal as a payment method adds another layer of trustworthiness to ZEbet. PayPal is known for its strict partner selection criteria and commitment to data protection, making it a secure option for financial transactions.
  3. Association with Omar Da Fonseca: ZEbet’s association with Omar Da Fonseca, a beIN Sports consultant who serves as the brand’s ambassador, reflects the company’s commitment to building a reputable image.
  4. Sponsorship Contract with AS Saint-Étienne: ZEbet’s active sports sponsorship deal with AS Saint-Étienne, a Ligue 1 club, further underscores its credibility and commitment to the sports betting industry.

Considering these factors, ZEbet can be regarded as a reliable and trustworthy sports betting operator. However, it’s always a good practice to conduct your own research and due diligence before registering on any betting site.

ZEbet customer service

ZEbet offers an efficient customer service experience, primarily due to its various contact options and availability seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. These contact methods include:

  1. Telephone: You can reach ZEbet’s customer service via phone at 01 70 61 57 35.
  2. Contact Form: The platform provides a contact form for users to submit their inquiries or concerns.
  3. Live Chat: A live chat feature is available, allowing users to engage with an advisor in real-time.
  4. Email: You can also contact ZEbet through email at [email protected].

While the absence of an FAQ section may be considered a drawback for solving minor issues independently, the overall customer service experience on ZEbet remains highly positive.

Please note that the availability of customer service hours and contact methods may be subject to change, so it’s advisable to check the website or contact the operator for the most up-to-date information.

1. Is ZEbet a licensed and regulated sports betting platform?

  • Yes, ZEbet is licensed and regulated by the ARJEL (Online Games Regulatory Authority) in France, ensuring its legality and compliance with regulations.

2. What sports and betting options are available on ZEbet?

  • ZEbet offers nearly 20 different sports disciplines, including football, tennis, basketball, and more. You can place various bet types such as single, combined, system, live bets, and more.

3. How does the ZEbet loyalty program work?

  • With each bet placed, you earn ZEpoints, which can be converted into money. For example, 2,000 ZEpoints equal €10. The converted amount must be wagered once before withdrawal.

4. What is the ZEbet welcome bonus, and how can I claim it?

  • ZEbet offers a welcome bonus of up to €150 in free bets. To claim it, make an initial deposit (minimum €15), place a bet within 15 days, and if your first bet loses, ZEbet will refund your stake up to €100 in two stages.

5. Are there any additional bonuses on ZEbet?

  • Yes, ZEbet offers an “extension pack” bonus where you can receive up to €50 in free bets based on your losing bets during specific periods.

6. Does ZEbet provide a mobile app for betting on the go?

  • Yes, ZEbet offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices, allowing you to access all betting options and features from your phone.

7. What payment methods are available for deposits and withdrawals on ZEbet?

  • ZEbet offers various payment options, including bank cards, PayPal, Skrill, bank transfer, Paysafecard, and more. However, some methods may have associated fees.

8. How do I validate my ZEbet account for withdrawals?

  • To validate your account, you need to send proof of identity and bank account details within 30 days of registration. An activation code will be sent to you, allowing withdrawals.

9. Is ZEbet a trustworthy platform?

  • Yes, ZEbet is a reliable platform with ARJEL approval, secure payment methods like PayPal, and associations with reputable figures in the industry.

10. How can I contact ZEbet’s customer service? – You can reach ZEbet’s customer service through a telephone line, contact form, live chat, or email ([email protected]), available seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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