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Mark-Andre Barrio and Abu Azaitar had a fight

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Abu Azaitar is going to fight a man from Canada, but the Canadian guy’s victory was taken away because he was cheating. Abu Azaitar went to the UFC before and won his first fight two years ago, but he hasn’t been there since.

Abu Azaitar

Abu is a 35-year-old German fighter. He used to fight in Europe, but now he fights mostly in the UFC. Before joining the UFC, he fought for some regional promotions, like KSW in Poland and Cage Warriors in Britain.

Abu made his UFC debut in July 2018, and he won. He then stopped fighting. Abu tried to come back in 2020, but he was not able to fight because of health issues.

  1. What’s good. Azaitar is a basic boxer. He has aggressive pressure, good explosive power and a lot of stand-up work. I should note that the athlete never gets knocked out!
  2. The fighter might not be strong. He fought against people who were not as good as him, and it was hard to tell how good he is. He also did not fight for a long time, so we don’t know how he is now.

Marc Andre Barrio

Marc Andre is 31 years old. He started fighting in 2014. Before that, he was a professional fighter in North America. Marc won the TKO league title, meaning he became the light heavyweight and middleweight champion at the same time.

The Canadian, Barrio, had 4 fights in the UFC. He lost 3 and won 1.

  1. What’s up. Marc Andre prefers to stand up when he punches. He is very accurate and has a lot of power.
  2. Barrio is not a good fighter. He is not the best at standup fighting, and he can’t get up if he falls down on the mat.

Summary of the fight

Barriol has many advantages in size, power and activity. Azaitar is a welterweight but Barriol has fought many bantamweight fights in the UFC. Azaitar’s been inactive for a while so they have gotten better. This means Barriol might win by knockout. In the end, Abu Aza losed.

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