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Dustin Poirier beat Conor McGregor in a fight

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Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier fought for the third time on September 6 in Las Vegas. It was Connor’s last fight, but it did not go as planned.

No matter what Conor McGregor does, people always want to talk about him. He might say or do something and then everyone wants to know more about it. Some people think he will never fight again and others are wondering what he said at a press conference or in an interview. People also care what other celebrities are around when Conor is fighting, like the Irish man who won money on bets with Floyd Mayweather. And of course, Logan Paul has a lot of opinions too!

How did the fight go?

Because most of the time there’s not much to discuss. The fight was either too fast, or too weird, or McGregor just got his ass kicked – again. It seems like it can’t get boring – but it does.Nothing funny happened. Nothing special. Just a normal fight and then an Irish man got carried on a stretcher to the hospital.

This was all preceded by a good round for both fighters. Dustin Poirier didn’t take the initiative right away, even though Conor had more low-kicks. He also delivered some hard punches to the head, but they were not as effective at welterweight.

Dustin started to attack his opponent. He also defended himself from a choke and then punched Poirier in the nose. Dustin was fighting hard and it was not an easy fight for his opponent, but at the end of the round it looked like he began to get tired.

A few seconds before the bell, McGregor got up from the mat (he was allowed to). He almost missed another kick because Poirier was waiting for that. You could watch it on replay from every angle.

The profitable McGregor

And then the leprechaun switches to Kramlin dialect, and his language becomes not very intelligible at all. Joe Rogan must understand this language well, because he took Conor’s side.

McGregor said that the trauma was strange. It is not clear what happened. He also said this at Dana White’s press conference after the fight. The explanation is simple. McGregor still has a pot of gold to sit on and as of now, it will be 1.2 million people who have bought the pay-per-view, but not all operators have provided data yet, so expect somewhere between 1.7 and 1.8 million viewers when everything is finished being counted up.

The next time you talk about Conor McGregor, remember this. He is not the same person, and his popularity is gone. People used to like him because he knocked out Jose Aldo in 13 seconds. This happened here in Las Vegas and this is still his city.

You can talk about the end of his career. You can talk about him getting a funeral and people who are happy to watch. It is funny because he isn’t even dead, but you will make it seem like he is really dead in your story. Dana White will be in the front row for some reason, but he already said that Conor will get a title fight later with the winner of Poirier-Oliveira meeting.Because it’s pay-per-view, a lot of money, and we haven’t even started talking about a possible McGregor boxing bout with some of the Paul brothers’ bloggers yet. An exhibition fight, of course.

The outcome of the fight

Dustin Poirier has won a victory in the center of Las Vegas, Conor McGregor hangs around on one leg still, and everyone is happy. Leprechaun’s funeral was great again. We might do this again soon.

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