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South Africa v Greece: Olympics match result

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The teams from Australia, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Japan, Kazakhstan, Italy, Montenegro and Serbia have qualified for the Olympics.

South Africa

The South African team came to this tournament to surprise. But they didn’t find any points. Italy scored 21 goals against them (2:21) and the United States scored about the same score (3:20). The day before yesterday, their attacking side failed to produce anything at all and only scored one goal against Italy (1:23).


The Greek national team is doing well this year. They have improved their physical form and they are at their best level. First the Greeks were successful against Hungary, even though Hungary was tough to beat, and then they surprised Italy with their strong defense.

In the last round, they almost lost to Japan. But then they came out on top and won 10-9.

What were the predictions

The Africans have a plus handicap. They are in real trouble on offense, but they are unlikely to lose many points. This story is not about the Greeks who usually do not do well. They save their strength and play defense.

TOKYO, JAPAN – JULY 25: Angelos Vlachopoulos of Greece, Daniel Angyal of Hungary, Emmanouil Zerdevas of Greece during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Waterpolo Tournament Men match between Team Hungary and Team Greece at Tatsumi Waterpolo Centre on July 25, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan (Photo by Marcel ter Bals/Orange Pictures)

Result of the meeting

South Africa 5 : 28 Greece

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