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Volleyball at Ariake Arena in Tokyo: Japan vs Kenya

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Japan – The Malkia Strikers lost to Japan on Sunday at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo. They are off to a bad start in their Olympic campaign.


Losing a third-place match means that they had a good run in the tournament, but lost their other matches. Japan was in the 2021 Nations League, and they won 12 of 15 games. But after losing to Brazil in the semi-finals, they played Turkey and lost 0-3. It might be confusing for them.


Kenya has two teams. In Africa, the team is one of the strongest teams. But in international tournaments, they were only able to win against Cameroon because they lost to everyone else.

What were the predictions

At their tournament the Japanese looked like they were going to be able to beat us, so we should not be in a hurry to play them with a handicap. The Kenyans are playing really well and can take 48 points in three games. That will be enough for us to win.

We think that the Kenyans will have a handicap of 27.5 points and we plan to bet on them with Winline. But we also think they might not win. So, in addition to betting on the Kenyans, you might want to bet on the total score too. The bookmakers think that it’s less likely for other teams to beat them if they have a handicap of plus 27.5 points because it is at their home Olympics.

The outcome of the match

The volleyball team from Africa began well and played with the host team that is ranked fifth in the world. But they could not keep up and lost the first two sets 25-15 and 25-11.

However, the other team came alive in the third set. They were behind by six points at one point. The other team was pressing hard and it got close to turning around for them but eventually they lost because the Japanese players had more experience.

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