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Kamaru Usman vs Rafael Dos Anjos. Who won?

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In Las Vegas, the finals of The Ultimate Fighter tournament took place. In the main event, Kamaru Usman defeated Rafael Dos Anjos by unanimous decision.

Prediction from Rafael Dos Anjos

“I’ve known Gilbert since first grade. He’s in first grade and I’m in second grade. We’ve been friends for years, he and his brothers–they’re great people.”

I think that he is motivated. I am certain of it because he has trained with Kamaru a lot in the past, and I think that gives him a good chance. I will put my money on Gilbert because he feels like this is his time to get the championship, and I know that he will go all out.”


The fighters met in the center of the octagon, with Usman starting to push and work. After 30 seconds, he tried to take his opponent’s leg but only managed to pin him against the netting. Soon they turned around and went back to working in the standup.

Usman took his opponent down, but they got back up. Usman threw a lot of punches while in the clinch, but didn’t do any serious damage to his opponent. His opponent was coming out the clinch with a headbutt. After some time, it became clear that the opponent was backing away from him and passing into his leg. With 45 seconds left in the round, Usman took down his opponent again and that’s where it ended.

The second round was just like the first. Usman was aggressive. He pinned his opponent against the net really quickly and then Camaroo kept hitting him over and over, looking for a chance to knock him down to the ground. Then, almost at the end of that round, he did it! This time he put dos Anjos on his back with a move called kimura. But Camora saved himself from being hurt too bad by doing this move himself so that dos Anjos couldn’t do anything more to him during this round.

The Brazilian was exhausted, Usman got close and kept up his attack – holding, occasional punches. Sixteen seconds before the round ended, the fighters exchanged blows; cuts appeared and blood flowed.

Usman was in control near at net; dos Anjos grew increasingly tired. The Niguirian made it easier and easier to take his opponent to the ground. This is how the third round went on for them.

In the fourth round, Usman did a lot of things to Dos Anjos. He was so tired that he could not do anything to stop it. But in the fifth round, Dos Anjos tried to fight back like he had done before in the other rounds.

Summary of the fight

The beginning of the rounds of this fight can be distinguished only by the amount of blood and dos Anjos’s level of fatigue! In the middle of the round the Brazilian tried to suffocate his opponent, but Usman escaped and started beating Dos Anjos. The fight came down to the referee’s decision.

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