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Forecast for July 31, 2021: Italy vs Nigeria

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This is an important basketball match between Italy and Nigeria. It could be very high scoring. Make sure to predict a high-scoring prediction.


The Italian team is playing well right now. Danilo Gallinari plays well, too. The Italians are good to the game against Australia, but they still have a chance of making the playoffs.

Against the Nigerians, there will be some good point prospects for us. But the defense will be difficult because they are fast and powerful. We may not win. But we can expect a good attacking performance from our team – it is more stable than the game as a whole.


The Nigerian team is not in a good position at the moment. They need to win and then they will have a chance of making the playoffs. First, their offense will be key. On defense, they are not very good right now.

In the National Basketball Association, there are players that may be able to stop the Italians because they have good individual skills. The European team has positions that are not good. Therefore Nigeria will have a chance to score and should do well offensively. But defensively, they lack experience and will struggle against Italian players who can score a lot of points.

Personal meetings

These two teams have never met before. At this Olympics, Italy has already played against Australia and Germany. They played well against the Germans, but they had some problems in the second half of the game with the Australians. Nigeria also played against Australia and Germany. Both times they got defeated.

Italy vs Nigeria match prediction

The European team now has a better chance of winning. Italy has good basketball players. Nigeria will be slower than the Italians but they will have more shots. It is hard to tell who will win because there are many different things that could happen.

The result in a shootout is hard to predict. If Nigeria scores, they will win. Nigeria has nothing to lose because they need to score as much as possible and win. Italy will exploit the African’s mistakes on defense when they have the ball, and Italy needs to be more rational than their opponents- so it is best for them not to rest until the end of the game!

We are having a match. If the team that is on aggregate has more points than the opponent, then you should bet on them to win.

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