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The results of the fight between Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns

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UFC 258 was a big fight. They fought each other in the ring, and one fighter won. He knocked out his former friend, who has been accused of not being very entertaining or exciting in his fights.

The line-up for the 258-numbered Absolute Fighting Championship event didn’t seem like it would do well on PPV. Only 4 of the fighters in the main event have UFC rankings in their division. Most of them are just known to die hard MMA fans.

Usman and Burns had a fight that was postponed a few times. Jorge Masvidal (the person who took the title) fought the champion, not Durinho. Usman (the other person in the fight) stayed as champion, and waited for Burns instead.

There was a chance that Gilbert would not be the new title contender for the Nigerian Nightmare. But this was resolved when he fought the challenger again.

Confrontation between the fighters

Usman and Burns were friends who had been sparring partners for a long time. When Burns became the number one ranked welterweight, he earned the right to fight with Usman.


The first round was very unexpected. Burns beat Usman with a powerful kick early on and then the champ couldn’t recover. Dourinho started to move forward and use many techniques to try and beat Camara. Burns was on the ground and tried to kick, but he missed. He needed time to recover, so Usman did not let Gilbert get up and kicked him with his thigh.

Then, the real drama began in the octagon. Burns was crying and apologizing to his corner. He was on his knees while Usman watched from a distance. Kamaru, who had won, started to cry too and hugged Burns before he left.

After the win

In the interview, though, Usman didn’t change himself and with his usual disgruntled look (it really hurts Kamara to be considered the most boring champion) gave a long tirade about being “the best on the planet” and his “fighting IQ being on a completely different level to Burns”.

I was a tough fight, and it was hard to get used to fighting people. But Gilbert proved himself. I love Burns in my heart. It was hard to say I had beat him because he is my friend, but this fight belongs to me now and there are no friends here.

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