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Results: Dalcha Lungiambula vs Andrew van Zyl

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Dalcha Lungiambula won the EFC heavyweight title by defeating Andrew van Zyl. He became two-time champion.

After five rounds, Lungiambula beat van Zyl by a decision of the judges. He also won the heavyweight championship belt as the EFC light heavyweight champion.

In the fight, both fighters tried to beat the other fighter. Lungiambula would sometimes beat van Zyl, but he could not always win. In the first round, Lungiambula threw van Zyl and then stayed on the ground for most of it.

Andrew van Zyl vs Dalchi Lungiambula: EFC heavyweight title fight

Round 1: In the first round, Van Zyl tried to use a type of choke. But he failed. Lungiambula pinned him to the ground and they fought for a while. Neither fighter was able to take complete control in the first round.

Round 2: The two fighters start exchanging punches, but neither fighter is able to get the upper hand. Lungiambula tries to take van Zyl down, but he parries it and then delivers a short suplex on Lungiambula. Lungiambula gets another touchdown on van Zyl and lands a strong left overhead kick. While in half guard, van Zyl tries to throw out elbows.

Round 3:Lungiambula is pushing the other fighter back with punches. But the other guy gets Lungiambula to fall down. Lungiambula tries a move on the other guy, but that doesn’t work. The fight is almost over and both fighters are up again, though one of them is in the middle of a corner and not moving much. Now he lands a nice knee strike to Lungiambula’s body and doesn’t stop there with his attacks.

Round 4: Lungiambula kicks van Zyl. Van Zyl quickly goes to his guard. Lungiambula tries to hit him, but then van Zyl blocks them and moves back in. Lungiambula tries for another take-down, but is not successful. He tries again and is successful. Then he hits an uppercut when they get back up.

Round 5: The fight started with both fighters throwing punches at each other. van Zyl was stronger and he took down Lungiambula. He continued to throw more punches on Lungiambula and pinned him against the cage and then threw an uppercut. They were fighting in a heavyweight championship match, so they were strong. van Zyl continued to punch as he got close to Lungiambula. He tried one late takedown, but it failed.

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